Murmansk Industrial College has purchased new machines

In Murmansk Industrial College of the work on the creation of centers of vocational qualifications. This is necessary under the new law "On Education." For two years acquired latest machines — they are not even at all enterprises of the region. Experts believe the time of release of students, industry organizations will be willing to accept graduates as training time is from 2.5 to 4.5 years. 

This year there are two new areas — welding engineering and engineering technology. Young people have the opportunity to learn in demand on the regional labor market trade. 

In the words of the deputy director of training and production work Murmansk Industrial College Oleg Ovechkin: "I believe it is not only prospectively — to date, these specialists are in demand for ship repair. Court and various parts often have to be made directly to the factories. Specialists also claimed to" Atomflot "and in nuclear power plants."

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