Murmansk oncologist has developed a unique method of treatment

This "Japanese" appeared in the Murmansk Regional Cancer Center six years ago and immediately became an event: Termotron — the apparatus of local hyperthermia. With its acquisition of our oncologists were able to use a completely new type of treatment that earlier in the Murmansk region was not used. Many patients who could not help either medicine or surgery or chemo-radiation therapy, there was hope.

No one could have predicted

Knowingly hyperthermia experts have called the fourth cancer treatment. The gist of it — in the impact on the tumor by heating due to which cancer cells are killed. And the "Murmansk" device allows the use of improved methods of treatment produced no effect on the entire body of the patient, and only the necessary parts. This modification of the installation is the latest in a series of similar used in the world today. Six years ago, the apparatus of this class in this country had only two copies in Murmansk and Lipetsk. Then, as one of his owners joined Volgodonsk, Rybinsk and Khimki. However, in Japan, with about two hundred such Termotron …

Domestic and foreign experts have begun to develop hyperthermia at the same time — 30 years ago. And no one could imagine that somewhere in the Far North of Russia there is a doctor, who in search of new opportunities this method surpass eminent researchers. However, tell Natalie Florovsky when she mastered the technology in Japan, that pretty soon the results of its work will cause an explosion of interest in the scientific community, the radiologist Murmansk Oncology Center would take it as a joke.

But in 2008, her name was made at the international level — the Congress of Oncologists in Munich, where Natalia was invited to make a presentation. At these forums, it happened before, trying to learn everything new that appears in the treatment of advanced technologies. And, I note, on their own initiative and at their own expense.

Two years after the Munich speech participants of the next international congress, which was held in Rotterdam, is easily pronounced difficult for a foreigner to name a Russian doctor. Research articles in Florovsky foreign and domestic journals, openness Community gipertermistov turned even greater interest to the operating time of the Russian colleagues.

Why hurt teacher

Innovation Murmansk radiologist that she was able to identify the combination of hyperthermia combined with other methods that give an unprecedented effect in the treatment of cancer patients in the last stage. Natalia has developed a unique method of treatment of "multiple liver metastases of colorectal cancer."

According to Florovsky, it has always attracted research. Aboriginal peterburzhenka grown up surrounded by doctors: Mom, numerous relatives, friends — all physicians. But the school was keen macroscopic cosmic physics.

— Black holes, wormholes, the transition from one space to another without going through the time period — so far all I terribly interesting.

School teacher away more future pupil, seeing her extraordinary ability in physics. Before the final she decided to enter medical school. Teacher settling the hopes of so many talented pupil, has not been able to put up with such a "betrayal." In life in general was a lot of situations that seem to be inadvertently changed course, but nevertheless persistently brought closer to the case, which became her principal. After graduating from medical school at the perfectly named. Mechnikov in Florovsky was a straight road to graduate school. I had to give up — the husband, an expert on nuclear security who worked on nuclear-powered icebreaker "Lenin", took her to the North.

— But now I’m just doing physics: radiology, hyperthermia — this is a solid physics. Far removed from the school hobbies — Natalia smiles, remembering the wrath of his teacher.

At any depth

And yet what is the solution of the Murmansk phenomenon? After all, a technique was not born in the walls of SRI, in the clinic, equipped on the highest level, where specialists work the highest order, not less than PhDs, and in a medical facility so-called general health network.

— We were just lucky enough: our apparatus for local hyperthermia, we got six years ago under the "Oncology", has a fantastic opportunity. Can reach to any depth of the tumor. In Obninsk, in the Radiology Research Center, with whom I am constantly contacting, there is a similar, but the depth of its impact is less than 6 inches. All the experts understand that this is a big difference.

The second — a large flow of patients. Such as in health care services, not even the largest institutions. Patient at the institute "snapping" in several ways. That is right, the main thing — to find the optimal solution. And we have a year to 120 people prolechivaem using hyperthermia and treat everything as they say, from head to toe. We in the radiology department — two doctors, Natalia and I Davydenkova. Tried Japanese techniques, domestic … And notice that in certain tumors in patients with terminal cancer, our method gives a very good effect, and the larger the tumor, the better the result. Improved biochemical indices, respectively, and well-being, to maintain the serviceability. Many patients have this device called rejuvenating. Naturally, this is not one hundred percent of the time, but since we have patients with severe category.

Step by step

— Why did you start researching the methods of treatment of metastases in the liver?

— In colorectal cancer — says Natalia. — The fact that we have so many of these patients. 40 percent of them come to us from the last stage of the disease.

In the domestic literature, says the doctor, is not described anywhere, and in the west there are only scattered isolated reports that on a given procedure treated five people on the other — seven. But it is impossible to make methodological conclusions. Even the famous German doctor Hager, tracing the influence of one of the methods on 36 patients, expressed the opinion that one can presumably talk about the positive result. And he used another modification of the device. And that, say, 200 cases have been described — this is nowhere.

— We picked up a lot of variations — I have eight control groups. A large flow of patients and the care with which we work have revealed patterns, effectiveness gleaned treatment combinations, which ultimately resulted in the technique. The Japanese also confirmed — emphasizes Florovskaya — that we have come to search for combinations with incredible meticulousness.

Russian researchers were not surprised by the less pedantry with which the Murmansk radiologist was the goal. When Natalia Florovskaya brought the results of three years work in Obninsk Radiological Research Centre of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, there were surprised: the material into eight doctoral napahano. It is clear that the institute is not like the flow of patients, and there is a block of data.

The most interesting — at the crossroads

— Of course, we have not been able to do much without close contact with scientists. Consult with them constantly. It helped the main gipertermist Russian Orazahmet Kerimbaevich Kurpeshev, who heads the department of hyperthermia Research Center in Obninsk. This devotee. Unearthed a lot of literature on the channels, which was not available to us. All the while prompting a guide. Cooperation in this respect — a great force. In Lipetsk is Dr. Vladimir Borisov, accompanied him on his studies in Japan. It is more specialized in the esophagus. Saw that inoperable tumors respond well to treat
ment — has adopted. Something I have a new — immediately share with him. Constantly exchange information.

According to Florovsky, there is one important condition for innovative work — like-minded professionals other profiles.

— The most interesting thing is obtained at the intersection of different disciplines. We have a terrific doctor — Irina Fedorenko, head of the department ultrasound clinic. Thanks to its high professionalism we managed to move forward. Insert the sensor directly to metastasize to capture exactly the heating temperature at a particular location. Manipulation of the patient is carried out only once — before the start of treatment. This, too, is almost never do. Sometimes — Japanese, but only for research purposes. And we — for accuracy in selecting optimal, quality care. And there are good professionals ultrasound diagnosis simply irreplaceable. We’ve evidence-based medicine — no gag and imprecision should not be, and therefore have effect. Without colleagues would be impossible to achieve a breakthrough with many of our techniques. In this case, never heard anyone say: that what I get for this? It’s always like, ‘Let’s try it! ". I work with two other nurses — Ludmila Kalinina and Elena Igrevskaya. Simply amazing women: in all the years have never refused to stay after work for the sake of the patient. This is very important — says radiologist.

There is another factor, which partly explains the fact that Florovskaya ahead of others in their zeal … This, she says, the routine.

— In academic circles, few discoveries are associated with the routine — time consuming. Uninteresting. And in general health science networks involved is very small, because the time is not enough. For example, I work from 8 am to 8 pm … In the best case.

— Still crazy people among doctors found?

— Exactly — laughing Natalia — my husband also said. But he understands me very well. The children, too, are three of them, all are adults. It is important that the family support. I think that in such a situation, a person or do you have to be a lonely man, or have a very strong base, as I have.

…But you can live!

When a person learns that he has cancer, it’s like an ax blow to the head. However, and this is an understatement, because the familiar world is literally falling apart in the minds of … But today, oncologists are convinced that such a diagnosis — not the end.

— Yes — oncology. But you can live 20 and 30 years old, and die completely from the other. You should understand that it is a chronic disease — like diabetes, high blood pressure, which also limit any opportunities. It’s a way of life. The Japanese have a term — "refugees cancer." After all, nothing is so hamstrung your plans, dreams, desires, as health problems. Such refugees cancer come to our department for treatment and get help. Good help! And the fact that now the people with the most severe disease may be allowed to not lose the taste for life — the most important in oncology, general medicine, — Mrs. Natalia. — Oncologists have to be an optimist. A pessimist can not work here. And here it is "and suddenly get" — a distinctive feature of oncologists. Our patients is very highly valued. I really love my job, because when you know what you can to help the person — this is happiness.

Florovsky technique — is nothing short of a patent application. And it has already been submitted to the Commission a problem — the official scientific body that determines the uniqueness of discoveries in the world. But this is just the beginning — leaving the doctor for three new methods of copyright combined treatment of cancer patients with the use of local hyperthermia. Continues to receive regular invitations to participate in congresses oncologists — in August Florovskys waiting in Kyoto …

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