Museum of Archaeology Simbirsk region opened in Ulyanovsk


Museum "Archaeology Simbirsk region" opened Wednesday in Ulyanovsk (until 1924 was called "Simbirsk") as part of the museum-reserve "homeland of Lenin."

"The main part of the museum tells the story of the first inhabitants of the region, introduces visitors to the parking Mesolithic Middle Stone Age, fishing and hunting parking lot early Stone Age, Neolithic and Chalcolithic settlement," — said the materials for the exhibition, prepared by the staff of the reserve.

An important section of the exhibition is devoted to the period of the middle and second half of the first millennium AD. This is a time of major migrations, marked the beginning of a new period of ethnic history of the region. Traces of the Finno-Ugric, Abashevo, carcass, Imenkov tribes, the history of settlement of nomads rannebolgarskih Turkic-speaking tribes in the Ulyanovsk Volga region, as well as history of the Bulgar — the first state in the Volga region — presented in unique exhibits, layouts, multimedia programs. The collection is completed with funds archaeological finds Museum "Homeland Lenin" in 2004, it has about 5,500 items. These are 23 archaeological collections and random finds, covering the period from the Mesolithic to the Middle Ages — tools, household items, household products, jewelry, armor, weapons, coins.


Antiquities Simbirsk region


The museum will act archaeological laboratory, where anyone can find out how and from what has been made or that the subject of the exhibition. In one of the rooms located "archaeological sandbox" in which visitors will be able to help the blades and brushes to find archaeological sources.

One of the rooms is dedicated to the development of archeology in Grant’s tomb. "Search the prehistoric history of the region simbiryane began at the turn of 19-20 centuries. Authoritative representatives of the society — Pavel Martynov, Vladimir Polivanoff — were included in the Simbirsk archival scientific committee that created the first public meeting of the archaeological museum of antiquities" — note the museum staff.

The new museum is located at number 67 on the street by Leo Tolstoy. It is a renovated house of a nobleman Alexander Yazikova, front floor is occupied by the museum "Weather Station simbirska. Planetarium." Museum of Archaeology and Museum of Meteorology make complex natural science museums Museum "homeland of Lenin" — "Earth and Sky".

The Archaeological Museum was opened on the day of memory of the former director of the reserve "homeland of Lenin," Alexander Zubov, on whose initiative had all the 16 museums reserve, telling about the life of old Simbirsk. Alexander Zubov led the reserve since 1988. Today marks 40 days since his death. On the opening of the museum of archeology, he said in a recent interview.

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