Mysteries of Mayan calendar



Mysteries of Mayan calendar

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One of the most interesting and mysterious ancient mayyantsev gifts of modern civilization — is the calendar.

Maya somewhere all gone. For a long time — more than a thousand years ago. Since then, they had not seen and do not even know why they disappeared. Some historians argue that civilization ruined feud, others — that mayyantsy died as a result of some natural disaster. And they left us their beautiful stone pyramids and fortresses, the writing, to the impressive ancient civilization of knowledge of mathematics and astronomy. One of the most interesting and mysterious gift of the ancient Indians of modern civilization — is the Mayan calendar.

Mayan calendar systems
The Mayas were already 2 calendar system. One calendar — it is often called civil — used for household needs. Mayyantsy determined by it, when they sow corn, when to harvest and do other things around the house. Year civil Mayan calendar — "Haab" — had 365 days, or was coordinated with the solar cycle, which is very useful for farming. It was 18 months of 20 days and 5 days, called "days without a name" and were considered fatal. The priests knew that Haab a fraction of the day is shorter than the true solar year and make amendments.
In addition, a ritual calendar — "Tzolkin". According to the Tzolkin Mayan priests to determine when to perform religious rites. Including the worst — his famous sacrifice. First Tzolkin was much shorter — only 260 days — 13 months divided into which, as Haab and contained 20 days. During the '52 calendar Haab fit as much as 73 Tzolkin. This relationship was the basis of harmony Mayan calendar.

The mysterious prediction
Many experts on the Mayan argue that these ancient Indians were well aware of the Universe. This allowed them to predict that the day of December 21, 2012 will take place on Earth global events that abruptly change the course of history. Details of the message did not reach us, and researchers are still trying to figure out what they meant smart Indians. Many people tend to assume that because the Mayans predicted the "end of the world." Others believe that on Earth to a new era, the era of spiritual enlightenment. And what our astronomers?
First of all, it is the winter solstice. But this happens every year — like not a good idea for the space revolution. But other than that, December 21, 2012 our Earth and the Sun would be in line with the center of our Galaxy. Now that's impressive. Imagine mayyantsy more than a thousand years predicted a nontrivial cosmic phenomenon! But they did not even have lenses and telescopes. His observations of the stars and planets they were using a narrow slit. What we promise is an astronomical event that modern scientists do not know. As they say, wait and see.

Calendar 13-Lun
Mexican writer, artist and mystic Jose Arguelles, examining the legacy of the Maya created a whole new spiritual teaching. Arguelles claims that we modern humans live in a mechanistic time. What did he mean by that?
Year of the Gregorian calendar, which now lives most of the world consists of different-sized months: then 30, then 31, then at 28 days. This sequence of numbers chosen at random, and the person does not agree with the rhythms of nature. In addition, a person divides the face of the clock into 12 parts, and an hour to 60 minutes. And these figures are people too have taken as if from nowhere. Jose believes that living in this artificial time a person loses touch with nature, with the cosmos, forget their highest values. A civilization that has lost touch with his native biosphere, is entering a phase of self-destruction.
From an artificial system of reckoning time 12:60 Arguelles has designed them to move to the natural calendar system 13:20. It is based on the proposed calendar Jose 13-Lun.
"Beautiful course, but nothing special" — would say stolid historian and expert on the ancient world — "Lunar calendars were in other ancient civilizations, for example, the Egyptians, the Chinese, the Muslims."
What is the natural numbers 13 and 20? Jose says that it is the frequency of certain cosmic radiation, sent us the sun and the galactic center. And they are reflected even in the structure of the human body: a man 20 fingers and toes, and the skeleton has 13 major joints.
In addition, the 13-month calendar includes five moons of 28 days, and this, as we know, the lunar cycle, which are consistent with many natural and biological processes. This, for example, ocean tides and the menstrual cycle in women.
Part of the teachings of Jose Arguelles is the system similar to the European astrology. Using the Tzolkin and a technique based on the date of his birth a person can identify tendencies, strengths of his personality and get some personal message about their lives.

Comments researcher of Mayan culture
Explain the meaning of the calendar 13-Lun we asked the researcher of Mayan culture Belinskoye Elena Alexandrovna:
— What is the purpose of the calendar 13-Lun?
— This calendar — a way to return to the natural human time to the rhythms that exist in nature. The fact that our galactic center emits pulses of energy that carries a certain quality. The period of this radiation is equal to 260 days. On every day of radiated certain characteristics, certain information premise that is repeated in exactly 260 days. We can not know this and arrive in the same condition in which we are. Unfortunately, mankind has come up with a mechanical watch, which do not measure the true time. They convey a character invented by us time. Look: the arrow runs from one point to another, and we believe this particular time. This measurement space, not time. This is something relative. But since we accepted it as the truth for themselves, then we are living this truth. But this — the truth in quotation marks. Now — it is a natural time. And if a person knows about it, and try to tune it, consciously, using his mind, then he will be harmonious.
Imagine the universe as a vast orchestra. And it has planetka Earth — it's her little string. And that's the main string is out of tune — this is humanity. It does not clarify for yourself what it is and how you can sound so as not to interfere with the orchestra, pour into it and then get a full orchestra and strength. The one who stands out, it not only prevents others. The whole of one small string orchestra is difficult to prevent. But here's the string itself is destroyed. And destroys the environment that gave birth to it. That's how we are destroying the Earth. The harmony — is in tune with the cosmic orchestra. And we fall out of the state of harmony than destroying themselves. Here's what's happening now in the world — this is our dissonance that causes this reaction. You know the wonderful thing Jose says: "Have you ever seen an ugly sunrise or sunset?" In nature, everything is harmonious, absolutely. And once a person manages to destroy it all, and therefore themselves.
Anyone who comes into contact with the Tzolkin, be able to determine what message carried the day of his birth. Because this is the end of man in this life. On the other hand, the Tzolkin, study it, gives a person the ability to feel, to feel that every day is variable, each day brings a new quality. And if we meet these changes are plastic in it, then we will live life to the full. The philosophers say: "you can not enter twice in the same river." Yes, we have come out of the other. And there's a lovely phrase, Heraclitus said: "In the world invariably only one thing — change."
— What do you think, how this knowledge came to the Maya?
— Maya left the material culture of our land. And through it we saw a lot of facilities that reflected the count of days. And it was a little strange. There were boards, there were some statues, pyramids, which portrayed the cycles of time. The whole culture in material terms left so many traces of the relationship with the rhythms of the cosmos. And it was somewhat unclear as this knowledge was not complete. Thanks to Jose Arguelles is knowledge combined. Those tribes who remained did not keep this knowledge, but in 1952 was opened the tomb of Pacal Votan, one of the prophets of the Mayan. And there was a huge amount of information in the form of drawings and other material items. All were studied. Jose's been doing this for forty years, gathering information, summarize it. In the end, it gave the understanding of the relationship of cycles and the information on each day. And now, if mankind is able to understand it and get in these rhythms, it will immediately become harmonious. This will help to make a very important step — to make the transition from the material of human consciousness thinking to intuitive thinking. But by and large — is not living life on the level of instincts, but at the level of intuition.
It is often said that the Mayan calendar is the most accurate. How fair is this statement? The Mayan astronomers were able to determine the length of the solar year of 365.2420 days. This is only 0.0002 less the currently accepted value of the tropical year and corresponds to an error of one day in 5,000 years. This gives reason to conclude that the Mayan calendar was somewhat more precisely our modern Gregorian calendar. Is this a coincidence? Or the Mayans, indeed, had deep knowledge of the cosmic rhythms, human consciousness, the nature of time? The fact that mankind probably will re-open in the near future.



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