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Many athletes are convinced that the numbers on the form have their fateful sense!

Out of respect to the memory of the great hockey player Valery Kharlamov (right) and CSKA Moscow in the Russian team no one plays under his number 17. Only once in the mid 90's cherished number entrusted to CSKA Kharlamov's son — Alexander.

Sport — a digital format: each result is expressed in a set of mathematical symbols that are understandable to any football fan. Understand the people and the meaning of the numbers on the form of the athletes, because sometimes only the number on the back, say, basketball Ivanov distinguished from basketball Sidorov. It is more convenient to all — the viewers, commentators, referees, coaches, athletes themselves. But not all are than this, it would seem, is a small element of ammunition for an athlete, especially in team sports. Sometimes the room is so "adheres" to the person that outshines name — not by chance on the backs of the players numbers are always written to a larger font than the name. The brightest stars, akin to their rooms, and these remain in the memory of fans — such as Valeri Kharlamov, whose legendary hockey jersey with the number 17 adorns the CSKA Ice Palace.

Out player picked a numbered

It is largely thanks to the hockey numbers given so much attention. Here the numbering of the players was first used in America in 1912 for better orientation referees and spectators. From the same overseas hockey tradition has gone forever secure room for outstanding players. For example, no one now in the NHL is not playing under the 99-th number that belonged to Wayne Gretzky. Europe, not just hockey, grabbed the initiative of the New World — forever enshrined 6 th issue of the Italian "Milan" for Franco Baresi, the best quarterback in the history of this football club. Recently, fans of the English "West Ham" have made the canonization of the same "six", under which appeared the most famous player was Bobby Moore.

It happens that one number is assigned to the life of the whole "group of friends" — so a couple of years ago, the President of Samara "Wings of the Soviets" German Tkachenko solemnly promised that T-shirt with the number 12 will be given to all the fans, "wings", because to them in full measure the concept of "twelfth player".

Oddly enough, there is the practice of maintaining the rooms and in the non-game sports — as well as in the NHL, in motor racing series CART (American equivalent of "Formula-1") no number 99, as it is ever assigned to an outstanding pilot Greg Moore, who died tragically a few years ago.

Got a "nine" and fell from the top shelf

Select a room — a separate issue. Apart from trivial reasons such as "what was this and took" there are many other, more interesting. The famous hockey player Gordie Howe, started his career at No. 17, it was extremely displeased. The fact is that while the team went to away matches by train, in which players with double-digit numbers occupied the top shelf. Howe on the second floor was crowded, he wanted to move down, so as soon as an occasion changed my room on the 9th.

The same as that of Howe, "nine" wanted to get Wayne Gretzky, but she was busy, and Wayne just duplicated the cherished figure in his sweater and became the 99th. In this case, at first he was afraid that with such a strange number of its partners laughed at.

But Neil Shiney of "Hartford" was not afraid of that for fat 0 on the back of his christened "complete zero." His odd choice Shiney explained that his ancestors were called O'Shini and he wanted to get a room surname initial sound.

No less strange looking sweater Pavel Bure when he, speaking during the lockout, the mid-90s for "Spartacus", came out on the ice at number 010. However, the reason was more prosaic than — familiar to all fans of the Tempest "ten" was in "Spartacus" is already taken.

It happens that the need to play under unusual number dictates … tournament situation. In a recent football match Russia — Georgia, many were surprised by the number four on the back of Yegor Titov, has always preferred to "nine". "Nine" Dima booked Bulykin, who shone in recent matches — Yegor explained after the meeting, the Russians won 3-1. — Here are the coaches do not have to change in order not to scare off good luck. I picked out the two remaining free rooms — "five" and "four". And it worked — Dmitry scored again! "By the way, in that match and he scored Titov, so that" donated "it his" nine "for good reason.

Without the "Group of Seven", but with headdress

In fact, a change of non-superstitious athletes who believe that the constant numbers on the back to bring happiness, — a terrible blow. However, this unpleasant fact happens in the career of many, even the most stellar athletes. Especially got David Beckham, who was so used to his "seven" that even tattooed on his arm Roman numeral VII. However, moving from the "Manchester" in the "Real" and demanded favorite room, the most popular football world was turned down, because in the seventh Madrid have long been among the local idol Raul. I had to be content with the English superstar number 23, which seems to inspire David to a new tattoo.

Some people, however, did not deny — for example, the young Brazilian talent of Ronaldinho came this summer in "Barcelona" and wished to become a "tenth." Hosts "Barcelona" cheeky request was granted, although it had to select the "top ten" in the Argentine Riquelme and pass that was not indignant, leased to another club.

Got what he wanted, and the American basketball player Marcus Brown, who asked to play CSKA Moscow at number five. Before the press conference, devoted to his transition into the army club, Marcus even hung around his neck a gold chain with a pendant in the form of the number 5, so that no one doubted his intentions. "I know that in at number five CSKA plays a compatriot Holden, but I still hope that the" five "get me" — said the footballer. As a result, Holden heeded pleas countryman and became the 10th, giving "penny" Brown.

But hockey player Ilya Kovalchuk came to the club, "Atlanta", not even hoping for a sweater with "harlamovskim" number 17, under which appeared in "Spartacus." However rossiyaninu incredibly lucky — the cherished number combination was free, and the striker did not have to change the "second name". Apparently, so now Ilya — the best sniper NHL.
Artem Gusyatinskaya January 15, 2004

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