MZiK released the second generation of electric forklifts with asynchronous drive


May 22.

Lineup Electric Forklift, produced by JSC "Machine-Building Plant named after Kalinin of" MZiK "(Ekaterinburg, is part of the" Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey") added product EP-1010, which replaced the first generation plain asynchronous handlers of "MZiK" — VC-103KAS.

It takes into account the wishes of the major consumers of reduced dimensions (this is one of the most compact loaders), and increase the time between charges of the truck battery to optimize the operator’s position and design.

The new loader is defined by:

  • reductions in external dimensions (this is one of the most compact loaders, the company noted)
  • increased operating time of the battery,
  • optimized workbench.

Detailed description and photos: 

The main task of the developers was to reduce the overall size and weight of the truck while increasing performance. Dimensions of the following new items:

  • Length to fork fork carriage — 1885 mm,
  • Overhead guard height — 2040 mm,
  • forklift mast height standard in the folded position — 2085 mm,
  • overall width — 1040 mm,
  • total truck weight — 2350 kg.

  These dimensions allow the use of this technique in confined spaces. Elements of the housing made of metal, which makes it more shock-resistant. In the role of the main counterweight to the model is the heavy battery (710 kg), has a positive impact on the overall dimensions of the loader, maneuverability and visibility when reversing. The design of the truck is not much different from the European and Japanese competitors. The machine is equipped with the necessary features of a modern warehouse equipment — circular lighting fixtures, mirrors. At the request of the customer’s truck can be equipped with stop sign and turn signals. Operator’s station has a number of design features that facilitate work and affecting productivity. Increased space for the operator’s feet, ergonomic seat with lateral support is adjustable in the longitudinal direction and a downward adjustment of the backrest can be additionally equipped with a seat belt and sensor operator present in the workplace. The design of forklifts provides excellent visibility to the work area and the load. Usability by car designers have paid a lot of attention. Hydraulic control handles are traditionally right of the steering wheel and are located on the most convenient height for the operator. Steering — Hydrostatic with minimal effort on the steering wheel. The steering column is adjustable for angle and has a great small-diameter steering wheel. To her left are the parking brake lever and the emergency power-off button. Electroloader EP-1010 at the request of the customer can be equipped with an electric motor or a permanent (4 kW) or alternating current (6 kW). The advantages of AC drive are:

  • protection of induction motors from external influences,
  • minimum maintenance operation.

  Options loader less dependent on the state of the batteries. The control system of AC drive designed for the EP-1010 allows you to:

  • monitor the safety of the work,
  • diagnose faults
  • optimally select the operation mode.

  AC Drive combines the inherent ecological motors with high power trucks, allows us to develop an equally large torque, as when accelerating and braking. For loader with an induction motor offers three modes of operation. The maximum speed of the new items with DC drive reaches 13.5 km / h, and for AC — 15 km / h Responsible for the work of a single hydraulic motor pump power of 4 kW. The speed with load lift for driving a constant current — 340 mm / sec (no load — 440 mm / s), for alternating — 320 mm / sec (no load — 390 mm / sec.) Battery capacity — 400 A / h At the request of the client can be installed batteries with capacities of 350 A / h or 440 A / h

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