N. Old Men: Freedom of speech on the Internet violate U.S.

The use of U.S. double standards in politics and economics news is not. If the U.S. dropped the bomb in the Afghan village and killed its inhabitants — it’s a mistake and a misunderstanding. Private security guards shot dead Iraqi civilians — an accident. There was no malicious intent.
Should this occur in the country of the enemy the United States — all this murderous regime crimes and inhumane acts, worthy of the Hague tribunal. The same picture on the internet.

The other day I received a letter. That’s it.

"Dear Nikolai!
I would like to share my observation. Because I value my workplace, I would like to remain anonymous, and I will not name any specific names. ‘ve Read all your books and thought how close they are to reality. Here’s the thing.
I work for a long time in the world’s largest (of course, headquartered in the U.S.) of the company, or rather its representation in Russia. The company — is enormous. It has offices in all countries. In past elections, sponsored Hillary Clinton. It has its own institutions, factories, IT — departments. Corporation gives its employees cars, smartphones, computers and so on, pay the accommodation, fitness, meals, petrol, medical insurance, medicine, language courses, the Internet and mobile communications, etc. etc. In general, burzhuiny care, as they can about the mortal body of employees (I am, of course, love), so as not to run away, and run away as here, because you will lose everything at once. It looks like a Soviet bureaucracy, you lose the car seat and at the same time and giving. Then just remember the book "The Socialist States of America." Or "if too turn to the right, then find yourself at the left."
However, the corporate machine, you can not get to some sites. More precisely, not to some, but in very specific sites associated with the policy. Previously blocked sites such as "The Dark Side of America," where the facts of the crime are going to USA (photos, documents) and appear magical explanation «Extremism».
Yes, just like that, comrades! That’s photos of dead Vietnamese children and memories of Iraqi prisoners at Guantanamo Bay (although as may be prisoners of war, the war is not present, there are anti-terror and all captured correctly called terrorists) about bullying American soldiers and called extremism forbidden to reproduce in the information environment.
Sites are blocked immediately, but after a few months. This suggests that the block was the American IT-ishniki, not ours, because it’s our or unnecessary, or if they was such a task is blocked at once. But the American toil with the translation. And as hundreds of thousands of employees, and are scattered all over the world, and, accordingly, speak different "uncivilized" language from Arabic to Russian. That hands once and for all do not reach. While sorted out until shut off. And now, after 2 years of reading your site nstarikov.ru a corporate laptop, "theirs" pros and it is blocked. Transferred to see, finally, your articles. Given a clone of your site in English, translation difficulties should not be. So, not previously feared. Though like and it was for that. For example, the war with Georgia.
But here, has successfully passed the online demonstration against the WTO and the planned next. And, well, wow what a coincidence, it’s Starikova and disabled. «Blocked by +» «Corporate blogging policy». That’s the vice squad.
Think about it! That is not Russia’s entry into the WTO greatest threat to the English-speaking blokiratorschikov than the real causes of the war with Georgia. But that’s not surprising. Where is the "small and proud democracy," and where a large and not "civilized", read: not sold out, does not belong to anybody sixth of the land. Here it is, and should be crucified WTO. After all, giant corporations like germs are growing rapidly, multiply and divide to devour each other and the whole country. To do this they need the resources. His then they save for the future. Therefore, we need other people. But in their way is the protective layer of the dressing — the customs border. Here are the WTO and will open defense. And the rush of bacilli on an open wound, take out everything you need and bring all the unnecessary. And we will stay as the Indians without their land, but with glass beads and blankets Ospina.
That’s taken out of Iraq almost the entire Iraqi museum and gold. The recent scandal in the press, as the daughter of the head of British Intelligence, John Sawers, 23-year-old Corinne, posted on Facebook, the original photo. It girl posing with a gold-plated Kalashnikov rifle. According to rumors, this is one of the instances belonging to the executed Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein: http://polithexogen.ru/in…7f9a42516f5813517d11598c. And in return, given what the Iraqis are now really missing when the windows of a civil war: democracy and elections.
Here I write to you, dear Nikolai, with another laptop with no Western "freedom of speech", but you can say what you think, without looking at the big brother who knows whom to read, and who is not. But the funny thing is that at the same time, they put pressure on China, which is just blocks U.S. sites. I wonder if Russia suddenly block the sites of the "Echo of Moscow", "Radio Liberty" and the like, and that the wording «Extremism», then what reaction can we expect? I think Hillary Clinton at 3am wake up and make a statement that "the Soviet Soy +., Uh, to stifle freedom of Russia <right> + words." After all, in the minds of them, nothing has changed, even the governor of California in Moscow at a press conference in 2010 called the Soviet Russian companies! Funny if it were not so sad. These supermen still running around the world, and this is another save the world from the Soviet (Russian, Chinese, Iranian — underline) threat.
You once said that the best reward for you when you are in the West or otherwise prohibit once said. Here is noticed. Banned. So go right path, Nikolai. And what am I, let him forbid, I have the other "non-free" computer will read.

Sincerely, Alex. "

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