N’yaganskaya plant — building from scratch

Nyagan GRES — Thermal power plant in Niagan Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug. It is a part of "Fortum" (formerly Territorial Generating Company № 10, TGC-10).

N’yaganskaya power plant — one of the biggest country stations being built "from scratch." It is the largest project of the investment program of JSC "Fortum". With the completion of the construction process, it will become one of the largest thermal power plant in the world, working at latitudes north of 62?. After starting the unit number 1 and number 2 unit N’yaganskaya power plant will produce 5.4 billion kWh a year, and with the launch of the third unit — 8.6 billion kWh Electric power of each generation unit is 418 MW, and the total capacity of the station — 1260.

Home subcontractor participating in the construction of Nyagan GRES construction management number 3 of the Limited Liability Company "Yugorskremstroygaz." Directly engaged in the erection of the first, second and third of the main building. The main think tank organization Mordovochkin Deputy Chief Anatoly, who for three years by all the construction process.

Commissioning is scheduled for 2012, the year.

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