Nadim in the jubilee year

March 9, 2012 the first oil and gas town of Yamal marks the fortieth anniversary of assigning it the status of the city.


Nadym is located in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District of Russia, in the polar tundra, with a harsh climate, with a short period of navigation, with a long duration of the heating season, with summer and winter white polar nights, with an absolute maximum annual difference of positive and negative temperatures on average 95 degrees. The city is located on a sandy island with the ice base in the floodplain Nadim among the frozen tundra, marshy wetlands, numerous lakes, channels, oxbow lakes, scrubby forests and small hills in the area inhabited by indigenous peoples of the North. Located at 303 km. from Salekhard, in 1016 km. from Tyumen.






Street Krmsomolskaya.



Development of the northern lands Russian immigrants began in the XVI century. In one of the chronicles mention the name of the Pomeranian Dolgushina industrialist George, who, while on the way to Mangazeya, was forced to spend the winter in 1598 with a detachment in the town Nadim. On Russian maps word "Nadim" appears from the end of the XVII century. River Nadim featured in "Draft Book of Siberia" S.U Remezova, published at the turn of XVII-XVIII centuries On a map of the province of Tobolsk in 1802 Nadim already fixed as a significant settlement on the left bank of the lower reaches of the river. Nadim. Today this place is 32-th kilometer of the mouth, historians call it Nadym mound.

School of the Arts

In the second half of the XIX century, for unknown reasons, while the town was abandoned. At the same time, in today’s Nadimskiy district towns have Hae and Nori, became the place for shopping and Russian zyryan with the Nenets and Khanty. In 1887, He founded the Orthodox missionary camp, and in 1908 completed the construction of the church — the church of St. Nicholas. At the turn of the XIX-XX centuries were also erected a chapel in Nori and the lower reaches of river. Yarudey — the left tributary of the river. Nadim. From that time until 1930 the village He became the administrative center of the territory of today’s Nadym, Pur Taz and Yamal regions.

St. Nicholas Church.

In the last quarter of the XIX century Nadymskoye coast of the Gulf of Ob became the largest center of the Siberian fishery trade. By the size of catches of whitefish, especially whitefish, Narymskaya coast at that time was not equal, not only in Russia but also in the world. Through the efforts of merchants Plotnikov, Kornilov, Alexander’s, Turkova and others on the coast was established fairly dense network "of fishing establishments", which are separated from each other for ten to twenty kilometers. Every institution was a complex that included barracks for the workers, hut clerk, shop, rybozasolochny shed, warehouse. On the basis of this, their villages and Nyda Kutopyugan, factory Choir. With the development of fishery trade and commerce grew revenues indigenous people, goods became cheaper. The crisis Nadym fishery trade and local trade was in the twenties of the twentieth century.

The registrar.

In 1940 the territory of the trading Nadim in connection with construction of railway line Salekhard — Igarka arrived prisoners of the Gulag. Trade secret construction was carried out by the prisoners, and was known in the documents as "Construction of 501/503." At the new site, a few kilometers from the factories there and train station / train station "Nadim". In the early 50’s here already come w / d from Salekhard compositions and the center of Russia. In 1953, after the death of Stalin, the construction of the railroad was discontinued. In 1968, in connection with the discovery of natural gas deposits "Bear" has begun construction of a new Nadyma.

City Park.



The modern history of Nadyma begins in the autumn of 1967, when the empty hut village 15 years was chosen as a support base for the development of the gas field Bearish. Surrounded by numerous lakes village was located on a dry elevated place, allowing you to build a runway for air transport. A relatively small 12-kilometer distance to the river Nadim, which gave the name of the village, also served as one of the arguments in its favor.

The history of development of mineral resources in Western Siberia originates from the opening polutoratrillionnyh stocks of one of the world’s largest gas fields — the Bear. Its area is 2100 square meters. km; daily production wells — 5 million or more cubic meters of gas. The use of cheap hydrocarbons provided the country to a robust economic recovery.

In parallel with the accelerated pace of development of the Bear gas companies have created a city destined to be the social and cultural center of the Tyumen North. In August 1971, Nadim ceremony of laying the first overhaul of the building, and only 9 March 1972 the first working village Nadim was granted city status.

Nadymsky district was formed December 10, 1930 with the center in the village of Ho in the Yamal (Nenets) Autonomous District Urals region. January 17, 1934 the territory became part of the County Ob-Irtysh region, and then in the same year, came in possession of the Omsk region. August 14, 1944 was established the Tyumen region, the territory of the district Nadimskiy entered it in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District.

March 9, 1972 Nadim working village becomes a city and became the center of the district.
Currently, a single municipality Nadym and Nadym district includes the city of Nadim, towns and rural settlements Nadym region Pangody, Old Nadim, Right Hett Longyugan, Lakeside, reindeer moss, Iamburg, Nyda, Kutopyugan and Nori. In the villages of Nyda, Nori and Kutopyugan indigenous population of the North — Nenets, Komi-Zyrians, Selkup Khanty.


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Leningrad Prospect


"Leningrad Prospect"On Yandeks.Fotkah

For the first 10 years, Nadim has become a powerful gas base of the country. In a few years, have been constructed residential and commercial buildings, gas fields, power lines, pipelines, factories, roads — and fitted populated area equal in size European country.

Modern Nadim — this is one of the most beautiful cities in the Far North with a special architectural appearance, well-developed infrastructure. He is known as one of the centers of cultural, scientific, medical, life Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District. The city has a population of 49,000 people, there is a full range of cultural, sporting facilities are 9 secondary schools, high school, vocational school, two schools of art. The higher education system consists of six branches of higher educational institutions of Russia.

In recent years, there is an increase Nadim birth each year are born more than 600 kids. Rising birth rates are a real testament to the high standard of living in the city, which is the third generation of nadymchan as their mother.

Today most populous city is on the 3rd place among the cities of the autonomous area. The city has 50% of the population Nadym region.

Nadim — winner of many prestigious awards and honorary.

In 2001, the city received a diploma Nadim Government of III degree in Russian competition for the title of "most comfortable city in Russia among small cities." In 2002, Nadim recognized as "the most comfortable cities of Russia" for the good work in the development of the urban economy. Also Nadim — the certificate holder in the category "Best city in the Russian Federation on economic indicators of financial development in 2003" in the category of small towns-Russian contest "Golden ruble" in the Urals Federal District.


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Today Nadim — the intellectual center of the territory, accumulates economic, powerful, financial, creativity Nadym Earth. It grows prettier, is developing dynamically and makes a worthy contribution to the sustainable economic development of Yamal, Tyumen region and Russia.

Monument Valery Remizov

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"In people, a sign of the bear in front of DC "Prometheus" is jokingly called chupachupsom or cleaner."On Yandeks.Fotkah

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Polar bear in the world. 


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