NANOEDUCATOR II — a new generation of educational and research facilities for teaching the fundamentals of nanotechnology

On our site has already been presented development of NT-MDT Integra Spectrum.

For the development of nanotechnology requires skilled personnel, which is impossible without modern training equipment for students.
The company NT-MDT has developed NANOEDUCATOR II — a new generation of educational and research facilities for teaching the fundamentals of nanotechnology.

VIDEO "NANOEDUCATOR-II — the hope of industrialization"

NANOEDUCATOR II is fundamentally different from its predecessor NANOEDUCATOR not only in appearance — a new device in the style of Mac (Apple-style) — but also on the technical possibilities.





The new version is the possibility of choice — which probe to use for research.
The bent tungsten needle, sharpened by electrochemical etching table top — it’s a simple and economical to use option. In this case, the probes can do yourself, the procedure is so simple that even schoolchildren cope with it.


The electrochemical etching

In this embodiment can operate in atomic force microscopy or tunneling microscopy, but characteristics of the probe and a greatly simplified construction scanner may impose certain limitations on the result.

Alternatively, NANOEDUCATOR II may be used another embodiment of the measuring heads — semi. In this case, the probe is a typical silicon chip with the cantilever tip and the radius of curvature of about 10 nm.

The probes have a standard (specified) characteristics. Furthermore, in this embodiment, the measuring head is used tubular scanner displacement sensors. This provides a reliable acquisition of atomic resolution, as well as improved accuracy return to the starting point (for example, it is important for lithography or the handling of nano-sized objects).

Opportunities NANOEDUCATOR
Special equipment for teaching the fundamentals of nanotechnology. An integrated approach to learning is ensured by the following components:

— Basic scanning probe microscope NANOEDUCATOR
— Tutorial on the basics of SPM spectroscopy and nanolithography
— Detailed User Guide
— Availability Virtual Demo-version of the program that guides you through all of the steps of providing a quality SPM images
— Developed contextual Help
— The collection of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
— Proven laboratory training with a set of training samples for research.

The educational process using NANOEDUCATOR aims to develop the basic operation modes in Scanning Probe Microscopy, the acquisition of research skills of nano-objects and nanostructures, conducting probe nanolithography and nanomanipulation. The measuring system has a special design, which takes into account the need to protect against accidental damage, built-in digital camera allows you to select an interesting area on the surface of the sample and monitor the status and progress of the probe inlet to the surface. Special the probe may be reduced by etching, thereby reducing maintenance costs and allows to acquire additional skills of the user.

The new user-friendly software educational and scientific complex is compatible with MAC OS and Windows XP.

— User-friendly interface
— Step by Step install SPM techniques
— Visualization, animation training
— No complicated settings
— A simple change of the sample
— Ability to recover the probe and low-cost supplies

Additional features NANOEDUCATOR II

— Atomic resolution in studies of atomic force microscopy (AFM) and scanning tunneling microscopy (STM);
— Improved quality of scan results and higher productivity through the use of new digital controller;
— The ability to use a professional silicon AFM probes;
— Scanner with capacitive displacement sensors;
— New software;
— Simplicity and ease of setup;
— Control over the Internet.


Thus, the installation of educational and scientific complex NANOEDUCATOR or NANOEDUCATOR II actually means getting a "turnkey" training class on nanotechnology, in which you can immediately begin the process of learning. The delivery of educational and scientific complex includes training materials and test samples for research and learning the basics of nanotechnology.

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