Nanokosmetiki take control — will have to answer for the nano (video)



In Russia tightened the rules for manufacturers nanokosmetiki. Now for the prefix "nano" will have to answer. That’s because the last time it is very often used as a publicity stunt. Manufacturers of thousands nanokremov promise the impossible. But not all the wonder drug really works wonders.

Some nanoparticles are beginning to tighten wrinkles, others remove dead cells, and still others find the toxins and impurities and remove them. Solve all the problems of the skin using nanoparticles — in his promises of miracle creams manufacturers even do not stop there.

"Nanosomes that are part of the drug, expanding the chest at the cellular level by stimulating the development of breast tissue and mammary glands extending" — said, for example, in advertising of one of the producers. In the web with video — tens of thousands of views. Professional dermatologists from such "blockbusters" — in horror.


"It is an absolute mystery. If this cream really can make it happen, then it is very dangerous. Fact uncontrolled growth of breast cells can lead to cancer," — said Irina Izmailov, a doctor-dermatologist.

Irina Izmailov in his work on nanotechnology refuses. Tiny capsules are really able to penetrate into the middle layers of the skin and bring back the nutrients, but the effect is more pronounced, the more serious precautions.



"All the same applies to nanokosmetika cosmeceutics, ie it is the boundary between drugs and cosmetic products, and it should be sold with the help of expert advice" — sure Izmailov.

Nevertheless nano — available for sale: products from Japan, Europe, and Russia is already the samples. But most of the creams and gels, a new generation — a native of China. Nanokosmetiki patents issued in Russia a few hundred, the number of titles on the market in the thousands. And if behind the counters of pharmacies and stores can keep track of, then online assortment virtually uncontrolled. In order to invoke the responsibility of the manufacturer, since July of this year, Russia introduced new regulations on the safety of cosmetic products.



"The manufacturer should have a set of documents is more stringent than it is now, which would have proved all the properties that are attributed to this product. If the consumer complaint arises and he will appeal to the relevant authorities with a claim, the inspection of production will come and say, show me the evidence that your product works this way, "- said Tatiana Puchkova, chairman of the Russian Perfume and Cosmetics Association.

Now for the unjustified expectations of buyers will have to answer. If the advertisement or the name of the cream there is mention of the nano, the package will have to place a detailed description of what specific particle is composed of and what effect they have on the body.



"When the nanoparticles are introduced into a product that has a complex matrix, we must also certify that it will remain in the product in the nanoscale size, or may turn out to agglomerate and are not the nanoparticles and agglomerates which will not have any dimension in the nano" — said Sergei Khotimchenko, head of the Laboratory of Toxicology Research Institute of Food Nutrition.

So, now the promotional claims about the miraculous properties would have to prove in practice. The only problem is that if nothing can be confirmed, the product is still not banned. Manufacturer only have to remove the name prefix "nano" and look for another marketing ploy.


Author: Vita Lakhova

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