Nanosintez will deliver to the EU and the U.S. biotech cosmetics for 30 million euros

The company "Nanosintez", the Russian manufacturer of innovative cosmetics and skin substitutes biocompatible, has signed an agreement to supply its products to the European Union and the United States in the amount of 30 million euros, the message of the company.

"Reached an agreement on deliveries to Germany, France and Italy, is the final stage in importing to the United States and obtain the necessary licenses. In real terms, the annual supply of 60 thousand packages of cosmetics, "- Said the agency" Prime "in" Nanosintez. "


The agreement was made between the "Nanosintezom" and the Italian distributor of professional cosmetics Bisio Progetti SpA, one of a group of companies Guala. Cosmetics produced "Nanosintezom" aimed at addressing some of the problems associated with age-related changes in human skin without the use of injections.

The company "Nanosintez" was founded in 1999 and has been manufacturing high-tech biotechnology products in the field of pharmaco-bioengineering.

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