Nanotechnological device UMKA based on the scanning tunneling microscope

Direct observation of the individual atoms behavior on the surface and study of the processes involving single atoms or small groups of atoms is a dream that was cherished by scientists for many years.
This dream became reality thanks to the Scanning Tunneling Microscopy technology, where the modern Russian-made STM Nanotechnological device — "UMKA", produced by the Institute of Nanotechnology, holds special place.

«Umka» is not only an excellent tool for teaching to practical methods of operating with nanoscale structures, it also has been successfully used in universities and research laboratories for research in various fundamental and applied sciences. One of the promising uses of the STM "UMKA" is the control systems of high-tech industrial enterprises, organizations dealing with products quality control and environmental state monitoring.

Examples of scans obtained by STC «Umka»
Film of graphite on the gold surface
12.5 x 12.5 mm

Film from the walls of TOKOMAK
0.39h0.39 um

Carbon nanotube on the surface of graphite paper
0.31h0.31 um

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