Naomi Campbell robbed in Paris

Supermodel Naomi Campbell was the victim of a robbery. The criminals attacked her in Paris in December, reports Monsters & Critisc.

  • Naomi Campbell.  Photo: Max Rossi
  • Naomi Campbell. Photo: Max Rossi
Naomi Campbell. Photo: Max Rossi

The accident model has a sprain — Campbell attackers strongly pushed to the ground and injured her leg.


According to a source close to the model, Campbell was robbed while trying to hail a taxi in the French capital. The model itself was of the view that the criminals were hunted down and bided her time when she is alone.

What exactly was stolen from Campbell, is unknown, but presumably to attackers were expensive jewelry. Comments of the Paris police portal does not. It is known that the model businessman boyfriend Vladimir Doronin has sent his beloved treated in Colorado.

The last days of 2012 Naomi Campbell has spent in a wheelchair. Leg injury was the reason that the model missed a Christmas party arranged by Roman Abramovich. The fact that the model is damaged, it was revealed a few days ago, but the cause of the incident Media learned just now.

Campbell will be restored as soon after the injury and will be able to walk, is not known.

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