Natasha Demkina from Saransk sees a man through and through




Unique gift of physicians have found Mordovia Saransk sixteen-year resident of Natalia Demkina. The girl has a "double vision". She is able to see the internal structure of the human body without x-ray and ultrasound. Natasha has repeatedly challenged the medical diagnoses and never made a mistake. Proof of this — a series of medical experiments conducted in the national children's clinic number 1.

— My daughter grew up a normal kid — said Natasha's mother Tatyana. — Is that more mentally alert. Talk began early, at six months. In the year recited poems by Pushkin and Nekrasov, and in three years has independently learned the alphabet and desperately rulila snowmobile "Buran". Since childhood, was tempered girl to winter almost went naked. Sometimes after a bath, wrap it in only one sheet and to carry home a hundred yards, and then another to open the latch on the door, barefoot in the snow put. But in order to see through human bodies? Was not like that! "

Where did the gift, is still a mystery for the family Demkina. Perhaps the impetus to enlightenment was a failed operation. Natasha appendix removed. However, when it was time to be discharged from the hospital, the girl could not straighten up. Ultrasound revealed that doctors forgot to take hasty swabs from the intestinal lumen.

Natasha was again put on the operating table and opened seams. A month later she hit her mom discoveries. "Within you bellows, as our vacuum cleaner, two bean Pomidorka, like a bull's heart," — she said. Then another girl did not possess the medical skills and do not know the name of the organs of the person that is the intestines, kidneys, heart, therefore the shape compared them with known things.

My mother was scared at first, why is it that the daughter started talking about all of this, and decided to show it to the doctors. Doctors were unable to explain what is going on with the girl, and sent to a therapist. The doctor concluded, with Natasha's okay. "And what do you see in me?" — Asked the therapist. Natasha painted "pouch for food" with a speck in the place where the doctor had an ulcer in the stomach. Surprised ekstrasposobnostyami girly therapist told her mother: "This is our future Wang."

By the way, according to the prediction of Vanga, a few months after her death, the gift of healing has to go to the girl, who lives in an unknown country. Perhaps it is mere coincidence, but Natasha "saw the light" less than six months after the death of Wang.

Enough to switch

Staff at children's clinic number 1 decided to conduct some experiments to verify the girl's capacity. Natasha showed the patient with a whole bunch of diseases. And the girl can easily list them, and ultrasound confirmed her words. Many doctors are jealous enough to react to the results of examinations.

— As a physician, I am for traditional treatments, such providence without medical devices and testing goes against in the first place with my specialty — said "News" endocrinologist children's clinic number 1 Irina Kachan. — Nevertheless, I recognize that the girl has exceptional abilities. Let it not 100%-accuracy of the diagnosis, but the hit ratio is high. And the error is only due to the fact that it is not a specialist, she explained about his illness. For example, I see a patient head spasm of blood vessels, it — shiny balls, which, in her opinion, it is necessary to catch and the pain will pass. In order to become a professional, the girl necessarily need the knowledge and medical education.

At the cellular level, Natasha can see any abnormalities,
hiding deep inside, that is not always afford to X-rays and
Ultrasound. During the experiments, the girl in the clinic for the first time faced with the principle of ultrasound. It turned out that she sees the reaction of the internal organs of the instrument. According to Natasha, surveys are shrinking, as if by the touch of cold hands to the body.

— I like two of view. I can switch at any moment
just like that, for no reason. One has only to want to look at
Human Health — said Natasha. — Such a change for me would be easy enough just to think about. See the complete structure of the organism, what from whom and where and how it works. How to define the disease — difficult to explain. From the affected organs

comes a bit of a pulse. Second Sight is only effective in
the daytime and sleep at night.

But Natasha herself can not see the inside: "It has long been coughing and once a do. Forget even see his little sister while mom thirty times a day do not recall."

At the reception the girl come to the doctors

To understand the features of the human body, she began to study at the Academy of the multi-Mordovia State University named Ogareva. There she specializes in therapeutic work. "Owning the medical terms, I can make an accurate diagnosis.
I need to know and understand what I'm seeing. This will facilitate the work of the people who come for consultation. "

Meanwhile willing to consult with the girl every day becomes more and more. The news of her ability to quickly spread throughout the district. Now, in an apartment on the day Demkina distributed to twenty phone calls with a plea for help.

— Even the lively turn of the visitors came — said Natasha. — I can not deny people and money to take with them can not either. So sometimes I get tired very much. And then some will say no thanks …

Two-room apartment Demkina can not accommodate all
seeking advice, so many have to wait for their turn on the stairs that do not particularly like the neighbors.

Some of them even to the police department have been asked to check on a strange apartment. But nothing wrong with police officers and was found.

For tips to Natasha very often turn the doctors themselves. Natasha has repeatedly challenged their diagnoses, "Come one visitor to the treatment with the diagnosis of cancer. I looked at her and saw nothing of the sort. Although having said that there is a cyst. To which she replied:" It can not be, I just handed over the analysis . "But re histology confirmed the diagnosis of Natasha's faithfulness.

To the girl approached a young man with three kidneys, two of which were fused. The doctors insisted on the operation. Natasha also advised the young man not to touch a kidney, "As long as they are working properly and no threat to the organism is not present."

In addition, Natasha helped the woman, whose doctors advised
diagnostic autopsy. The girl could see the development of patient
cancer, said on which segment is a disease.

Because of the numerous visitors Natasha sleeps only four or five hours a day. After all, she had yet to learn and do their homework. In her free time she reads a book, plant flowers, caring for a dog and a fish.

— I want to go to Moscow Medical Academy named after Sechenov. But the amount for study — 70 thousand rubles a year — I do not pull — says the girl — and here is my gift powerless.

Natasha Law. Despite a series of experiments conducted and the findings of physicians, it is required to reinforce the ability of the scientific evidence and the facts. Now the girl hopes of being noticed scientists and carry out all necessary tests. She is ready to give herself to doctors as a "guinea pig." "I have nothing to hide, — she says. — Let convinced, maybe find a scientific explanation for my" second sight. "Then I'll have a chance to study at the elite university on the target program."

Polat Natalya and Svetlana KOCHETOVA, Mordovia

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