National Center for helicopter got a new IT-infrastructure


Company "Asteros" has created an IT infrastructure of the new science complex area of over 43,000 sq.m. at the National Center helicopter in Moscow.

The scale for the Russian aviation project realized holding company "Helicopters of Russia" and the company "Asteros", will allow the combined helicopter design bureau of the country to work on a completely new digitally-technical equipment.

In accordance with the concept of development of the Russian helicopter industry holding company "Helicopters of Russia", it was decided to establish in the Moscow suburb of Tomilino National Center for helicopter (NCV), which will focus the resources of the leading Russian developer of helicopters — OJSC "Moscow Helicopter Plant. M.L . Mile "and JSC" Kamov "the Holding" Helicopters of Russia ". To organize design offices of both the developers and the managing company in the NCV was built the helicopter engineering center.

Creation of IT infrastructure for the new building was entrusted to specialists "Asteros." In a new complex with total area of 43,300 sq.m. professionals and systems integrator of "Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant. Mil" designed and deployed some 20 systems within 1.5 years.

The basis of computing and telecommunications infrastructure has become a science complex structured cabling system Systimax GigaSPEED? XL, designed to transmit data at high speeds. SCA has approximately 6,000 ports and supports more than 2500 employees.

IP-telephony solution based on Cisco Unified Communication Manager. The communication system is integrated with multimedia and video conferencing systems (VCS), which cover all negotiating areas, meeting rooms and executive offices.

Handling and storage of huge amounts of information and critical applications holding manufactured at three data centers. Experts’ Asteros "data center architecture designed and created all the necessary engineering infrastructure. The capacity of each data center is 250kW.

"This project is one of the most complex and largest in the Russian aviation industry in terms of volume of work performed and the number of embedded systems. High tech infrastructure research complex designed with an eye to the fact that in the future it will become a base for the largest helicopter companies in the country — says Dmitry Trofimov, director of the Department of Transport and Aviation company "Asteros."

"Today we are faced with a complex and strategically important task — to achieve by 2015 a significant reduction in development time of helicopters, to increase the share of innovative solutions in the design of mass-produced cars. Creation of modern scientific and technical complex contributes to this goal and to improve the competitiveness of the Russian helicopter industry. Established by experts "Asteros’ infrastructure will help to consolidate the resources of the leading design offices on a single platform and centralize the management of a complex process of development, production, supply and support of operation of helicopters," — said Sergey Vorobiev, Deputy Executive Director — Director of IT and Communications JSC "Moscow Helicopter Plant . Mil. "


JSC "Moscow Helicopter Plant. Mil" is a subsidiary of JSC "Helicopters of Russia" and the intellectual asset holding company "Helicopters of Russia" in the union Manufacturing Corporation "Oboronprom". ADC’s line of business of the Moscow helicopter plant are: experimental design and scientific research, design, construction and testing of prototypes helicopters, the introduction of mass production, production of small series, certification, upgrading, supervision and support of operation of helicopters "Mi "civil and military purposes.

Since the founding of the factory are 12 basic models of helicopters Mi-1, Mi-2, Mi-4, Mi-6, Mi-8, Mi-10, Mi-14, Mi-24, Mi-26, Mi-28 , Mi-34, Mi-38, and their numerous modifications — a total of more than 200. JSC "Moscow Helicopter Plant. Mil" were created helicopters of all types and classes: light, medium, heavy and extra-heavy unparalleled; highly specialized and multipurpose. Almost all the developed model helicopters entered into production and have some of the world’s best aircraft performance and economic performance. JSC "Moscow Helicopter Plant. Mil" — the world’s largest holder of helicopter records, about a hundred of them — are absolute.

Today, helicopters brand "Mi" are the basis of helicopter aviation in Russia, the CIS and the number of countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The total number of built helicopters "Mi" is more than 30 million units, they are operated in 110 countries.

JSC "Helicopters of Russia" — a subsidiary of JSC "OPK" Oboronprom ", included in the GC" Russian Technologies ", one of the world’s leading helicopter industry, the only developer and manufacturer of helicopters in Russia. Headquarters JSC" Helicopters of Russia "is located in Moscow.

The holding company "Helicopters of Russia" includes five helicopter plants, two design bureaus, manufacturers and service components and service company that provides after-sales support in Russia and abroad. Helicopters acquired Russian ministries and agencies (Ministry of Defense of Russia, Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia), airlines ("Gazprom avia", "UTair"), large Russian companies. More than 8000 helicopters of Soviet / Russian origin operate in 110 countries.

Traditionally, the highest demand for Russian helicopters — in the Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Russia and CIS countries. Holding "Helicopters of Russia" was established in 2007. In 2011, the proceeds of "Helicopters of Russia" under IFRS grew by 27.8% and amounted to 103.9 billion rubles, the volume of shipments reached 262 helicopters. / Http://

The "Asteros" is the second in a segment of the system integration of the Russian IT services market, according to the world’s leading analytic agency IDC. The main activities of the group are building IT infrastructure, systems engineering, safety systems, and the provision of IT services, consulting and IT outsourcing. The group consists of "Asteros", "Asteros Consulting", "Asteros Labs", "KABEST." / Http://



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