National Park Curonian Spit received new fire trucks

In the National Park "Curonian Spit", two new spetsavtomashiny designed to fight fires. The correspondent of the "New Kaliningrada.Ru" on Wednesday spokeswoman Olga Barboff park. Until now, the disposal of the park were two fire engines 1976 release.
One of the new fire tankers based on KAMAZ has a tank capacity of 5,000 liters, the second, on the basis of GAZ, is equipped with a tank capacity of 1.6 thousand liters. The machines are designed to deliver to the fire site, a set of hoses, emergency rescue tools, supply of water and foam concentrate and to ensure supply of water to the fire or mechanical foam.

As Olga Barboff, the extreme vulnerability of the natural system of the Curonian Spit in need of constant maintenance of its stable existence, implies the establishment of a special regime of use of the area, carrying out fire prevention measures aimed at the prevention of forest fires.

Forest fire detection is carried out by land of forests. In the fire-dangerous period provided for patrols on all roads and glades.

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