NATO sends drones to the borders of the Kaliningrad region

NATO sends drones to the borders of the Kaliningrad region [com.]

The Alliance aims to Poland a group of unmanned aerial vehicles. They will be able to patrol the airspace of the country around the clock and in all weather conditions by monitoring any movement of vehicles and people in the neighborhood of neighboring states.


Telegrafistreports that, in accordance with the doctrine of the United States, in the presence of drones in Poland, in all neighboring countries, including the Kaliningrad region, there will come a rapid understanding and adoption of Western-style democracy

Leaders of the NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance (AGS), which was created to monitor the ground objects from the air in the allied alliance, approved the conversion of the Ministry of Defence of Poland with a request to join the program. About this newspaper Rzeczpospolita, citing an official representative office Jacek Sontu.

Now NATO is prepared permits."When the paper will go to Poland, will begin work on coordination, negotiations between the various departments, it will take at least six months’, — Sonta said. According to him, the first NATO drones will be able to enter the country’s airspace in the beginning of 2014.

Alliance Ground Surveillance — a system of radars, placed on board five drones RQ-4 Global Hawk. The devices are able to rise to a height of about 20 km and maintain continuous communication. These scouts come to the operational headquarters, located in Sicily.

AGS program is a priority for NATO membership. It is expected to significantly increase the combat readiness of the alliance in 2020.

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