NATO troops will take part in the parade on May 9?

Yesterday the project access to Dmitry Medvedev in Moscow City Council were members of the faction of the Communist Party. Communists consider inadmissible the participation of NATO troops in a military parade on Red Square on May 9, 2010.

Recall that the March 25, 2010 at a meeting of the organizing committee of the "Victory" in Volgograd, Russian Defense Minister announced that for the first time in the history of the military parade on Red Square on Victory Day military units will be involved member states of NATO. This decision caused a stir in political and social circles of the country. In particular, the head of the Moscow City Duma faction of the Communist Party Andrei Klychkov said "NO", that "the presence of war veterans from Britain, France and the U.S. have made a direct contribution to the Great Victory, it would be appropriate as guests." In the widespread circulation in the MHD project, in part: "NATO — a military-political alliance, created after the victory over the Nazis in order to face the Soviet Union. All of the contemporary position of the North Atlantic bloc conflicts invariably anti-Russian. Invitation soldiers of NATO countries to take part in a military parade May 9, 2010 should be viewed as a symbolic surrender and flirting with NATO. "

"On this day, our army shows people that, if necessary, ready to defend their homeland, defeating any enemy. And the participation of NATO troops in such an event is inappropriate. And do not look for the party’s agenda. We defend the memory of our fathers, "- said in an interview with" NO "deputy Klychkov. In most of the CPRF faction for the adoption of the text referring to Dmitry Medvedev voted unanimously — three votes. However, at the general meeting of the Communist MHD proposal has not found a proper understanding and support of other colleagues. Edinorosskoe majority in MHD did not see the arguments Communists compelling reasons to support their appeal.

"Yes, the victory went to the Soviet Union dearly, but we have achieved it through a collaborative effort with our allies — said" NO "MP" ER "Sergey Zverev. — And to be true to historical reality, the first celebration of the parade, in the summer of 1945, and was attended by representatives of the victorious. "

Forthcoming in that, quite frankly, a non-standard version of the celebration of Victory Day expectedly caused a heated debate in the politicized Internet — talk-show hosts on the federal TV channels seem to think this question is too small for consideration. Some politicians and public figures were even open letters and articles, to reconsider the decision. While not objecting to the idea in general to remind all who need it, the traditions of military cooperation of the anti-Hitler coalition during World War II, they pay attention to the fact that the place and the general format of such reminders chosen so poorly. After Moscow, like any other city in the territory of the Russian Federation, defended only by the Red Army, and not the joint efforts of the anti-Hitler coalition.

Such a joint parade would look like, of course, be more appropriate in Berlin, where, in fact, the documented final capitulation of the Third Reich.

"Victory over whom celebrate the allied forces of NATO in the capital of our country? — Ask authors of the letter, published by one of the Internet communities. — This is particularly an issue is due to the fact that the majority of the current members of NATO in the past themselves active members of the Nazi invasion of the territory of our country and recorded after the war, "the victorious" only for political reasons. It is safe to say that from 1941 to 1944, we in Europe alone resisted throughout the continental side of the current NATO, the one pro-NATO of 1941 under the leadership of Adolf Hitler — and single-handedly put this NATO of 1941 to the brink defeat that would not be amiss to remind all our partners in the PCA, including those who are going to march on Red Square. "

The last thing I would like to join a blanket criticism of the decision to hold a de facto joint parade, which, we note, a lot. As well as to seriously discuss the most absurd and exotic version. But the selection of the foreign participants of this great action, provided, notice is not the veterans, still raises some questions.

For example, why do we not take part in the Moscow Victory Parade in Moscow division of the Armed Forces of Serbia, Belarus, Armenia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and other republics of the former Soviet Union?

After all, the contribution of these peoples who by the will of circumstances now independent states, to the victory over the enemy, it is in some respects (for example, on the scale of human losses incurred or laid on the altar of the common victory of resources) is comparable to the contribution of other allies in the anti-Hitler coalition. For example, the March 1941 uprising in Serbia, according to some historians, contributed to the fact that the beginning of the plan "Barbarossa" was postponed for a month, and this, in turn, influenced the outcome of the Battle of Moscow. Losses among the residents called up front alone, a small Armenian SSR was comparable to combat losses of the American army on the Western Front. One can hardly overestimate the contribution of the multinational Baku (three-quarters of all the oil reserves of the USSR at that time) in the Red Army with fuel supply (including jet fuel). In Kazakhstan, the author of these lines heard puzzled questions why the contribution of the other republics of the victory over Nazism in Moscow ignored and seemed not to notice, and all services are recorded in the active almost exclusively on the present Russian Federation. Why forget, for example, about where the famous formed Panfilov division? ..

Recreating the historical truth of the brotherhood of nations fighting the Soviet Union (the combined knowledge of general danger, not the desire to "wait on the mountain", while opponents will exhaust themselves in mortal combat) is a necessary component that needs to be taken into account within the framework of the announced anti-historical falsifications. Otherwise already ingrained in the popular consciousness of the European (and not only European) view of the layman’s decisive contribution to the defeat of the Americans Nazi propaganda will get a visual reinforcement.

Why customize the truth of history under the abstract and do not withstand the test of time and the facts of the argument about the "combat brotherhood"?

After considering some of the operations of the American army and the Royal Air Force on the Western Front in the spring of 1945, it is appropriate to ask the question: whose side were fighting the so-called "allies" of the USSR anti-Hitler coalition? Military historian A. Shirokorad results are typical examples: April 25 bombers of the 8th Air Force of the United States implemented a completely pointless from a military point of view strikes — at the "Skoda" in Pilsen, which was dropped 638 tons of bombs — about the same as Germans 14-15 November 1940 dropped to English Coventry. What for? The answer is simple: the largest industrial center in the Czech Republic in the coming days would be occupied by the Red Army, but that it did not suit the Yankees. As for the famous February’s three-day raid, barbarously destroyed Dresden, many forget Winston Churchill proposed that the operation "Thunderclap" during the Yalta Conference, pursuing quite obvious goal — a demonstration of total horror and destruction of the Soviet Union to do more compliant (which took place and six months later in Hiroshima and Nagasaki). Only non-flying weather le
t the current idol of domestic liberals: the destruction of the Saxon capital happened after the end of the conference in the Crimea.

Victory Day parade on Red Square — a place having a sacred significance to the long history of the Russian state, fought with the Poles, the French, Germans and other invaders, always comes to us from the West — has, in addition to political, yet deeply symbolic. And much more serious than a sports victory, which we are so severely lacking during the Vancouver Olympics.

Frames NATO soldiers "Rangers", paced the Kremlin’s pavement, can be (and necessarily) taken as a parade of winners, but in a very different war than the one which, as we somehow seem to have ended in 1945.

This is the "Cold War", in which recent allies of the anti-Hitler coalition took full advantage of the experience of their former Nazi opponents. This, for example, recently a very detailed and reasoned talked on the first channel, Mikhail Leontiev in an interesting film "Orange Children Third Reich." Reductio ad absurdum of divergent assessments (just us "fingers" showed how the Americans with former Nazis incited hatred between the peoples of Russia and Ukraine, and then helplessly build the historical continuity of our "military brotherhood" — they say, then the fight against fascism, now — the fight against terrorism) can lead not only to the historical schizophrenia, but also to much more serious consequences. In addition, the people, losing self-identification (which in many ways is built in, including "contradiction", and not only for us), we finally cease to perceive themselves as such. A sincere friends of Russia around the world will receive another confirmation of progressive weakness and degradation of the civilization of our country.

As you know, Robert Gates, who considered himself the winner in the "cold war" became the sole head of the CIA, who, during his visit to Moscow in 1992, was held on Red Square parade step. Before the cameras Bi-bi-si, he said: "Against the background of the Kremlin and the Mausoleum I make a single victory parade. We are well aware that the Soviet Union could have been taken only by organizing an explosion from within. " And now everything will be done with a much larger scale …

But that’s just what does all this have to do a national holiday?

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