Navigation systems market in Russia will grow 10 times

Navigation systems market in Russia will grow up to 3 years up to 10 times, according to business publication RBC. According to expert estimates, by 2015 the turnover of funds will reach 100 billion rubles.

Record growth of the market will provide the government order. Only for the 2012 navigation systems GLONASS equip thousands of machines Emergencies Ministry, Interior Ministry, the Russian Post and other departmental structures. Major projects such as the ERA-GLONASS, will scale the market and meet the demand for tens of millions of chipsets with support for GLONASS.

Expansion into foreign markets will begin with the CIS countries and India, which is planned to deliver a professional high-tech systems — complex traffic management and control systems of the state of facilities, etc.

According to the NGO experts RIC-Systems, the promotion of domestic technology of satellite positioning will facilitate the use of GLONASS in projects that have a fashion importance for Russia, such as the Winter Olympics in Sochi and the 2014 FIFA World Cup in 2018. The growth of the navigation market will also provide solutions that extend the scope of the GLONASS through integration with other emerging technologies.

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