Navy Commander: Russia needs modern aircraft carriers

Navy Commander: Russia needs modern aircraft carriers

Naval Fleet needs modern aircraft carriers, design a promising carrier for the Russian Navy will be completed by 2020, said Friday the Navy Commander Admiral Viktor Chirkov.

«My personal opinion — for us it (construction of a new aircraft carrier) is very necessary,» — said Teals, quoted by «Interfax».

According to him, «work by definition is kind of a new aircraft carrier.» «We have to realize what should be the carrier and, most importantly, the need to have such a class ships» — allocated Teals. He said that the development of an aircraft carrier pilot project should be completed within the State applets weapons until 2020 goda.Kak newspaper has reported Gaze Thursday Admiral Teals accompanied Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu on a working trip to the Eastern Military District, where the defense minister visited the facilities of the Pacific Fleet .

It should be noted that in July Teals said that adequate SRI has received the task to develop a kind of carrier, to develop the project allocated.

In 2009, the Staff of the Navy mainly argued that the concept of development of the Russian Navy, covering the period up to 2050-2060 years, provides for the creation of five or six carrier battle groups. Construction of aircraft carriers planned to begin in 2012.

Meanwhile, earlier last Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said that the Russian Defence Ministry has no plans to build up to 2020 aircraft carriers and ships their security funds is not foreseen. «While the funds to build on programmke 2020 (LG-2020) is not» — said Serdyukov, responding to a question about plans to build new aircraft carriers for the Russian Navy.

According to Serdyukov, the Russian Defense Ministry «is not very aware» and the view of the future aircraft carrier and its technical capabilities. «By the way, Russian Navy is the heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser» Admiral Kuznetsov «. During the Soviet era the only base to build aircraft carriers was in the Black Sea shipyard in Hikolaeve (Ukraine).

Specifically, there were built five aircraft carriers: «Kiev», «Minsk», «Novorossiysk» (Project 1143), «Baku» (Project 1143.4) and «Tbilisi» (Project 1143.5). First three ships, having served least 15 years, were decommissioned and then sold abroad. The last two after the collapse of the USSR were named «Admiral Gorshkov», which is passed the Indian Navy and the «Admiral Kuznetsov» carrier service in the Northern Fleet.

Another two cruisers — «Varyag» and «Ulyanovsk» not been completed: the first body was sold to China, where he became the first state under the name of the aircraft carrier «Liaoning», the second cut on the slipway.

Meanwhile prepare Vladivostok berths for 2-type helicopter «Mistral». How Teals said on Friday, the first two «Mistral» will go to the Pacific Fleet, where they update marinas. «The first two» Mistral «will go to the Pacific Fleet. «Spetsstroy is reconstructing 33rd berth in Vladivostok. We have inspected, the quality of work there is good «- he said.

According to him, the Pacific Fleet is the development of applets for basing helicopter «Mistral» and Kamchatka — a new undersea lodki.Napomnim previously mainly Navy Headquarters said that two landing ship dock vertoletonosnyh type «Mistral», which will go on Pacific Fleet in 2014 and 2015, will receive the name of «Vladivostok» and «Sevastopol».

Contract for the construction of 2-hoo «Mistral» in France, Moscow and Paris signed in June last year. Contract amount was 1 billion 200 million euros. First helicopter for the Navy of Russia first laid in February, and is scheduled to be delivered to Russia in 2014. Second «Mistral» Russian Navy may receive in 2015.

Universal helicopter landing ship dock «Mistral» has a standard displacement of 16.5 tons, total — 21.3 thousand tons, with a full dock — 32.3 thousand tons and the highest body length — 210 meters. It is capable of speeds over 18 knots. Cruising range — up to 20 thousand miles.

Number of crew — 160 people, additional helicopter is capable of accommodating 450 people, 13 main battle tanks or 70 cars. Helicopter ship group includes 16 cars (8 amphibious assault and 8 combat helicopters). Immediately on the flight deck may be located 6 helicopters.

Of «Rosoboronexport» and the French company DCNS signed a contract for construction of the first 2-helicopter «Mistral» in June 2011. JSC «United Shipbuilding Corporation» brought to this transaction as a subcontractor French shipyard STX France in Saint-Nazaire.

On the «Baltic Shipyard» will be built 24 housing unit (AFT both ships), which represents about 40% of cases. Then blocks will be sent to France, where will complete assembly of both helicopter. First ship should enter into the Russian Navy in 2015.

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