Navy will receive three submarines

Severodvinsk "Star" to the end of the year will give the Navy three Russian submarines

"Center repair" asterisk "to the end of the year will give three Russian Navy submarines undergoing repairs and modernization of the plant in the shipyards," Interfax "on Saturday, Director General of" Sprockets "Vladimir Nikitin." This year we have a rich Deliverable campaign. Until the end, the Navy will be transferred to two nuclear submarines "Verhoturie" and "Novomoskovsk", as well as large diesel-electric submarine (SSK of) "Kaluga", — he said.

In addition, the source said, before the end of the year to be transferred to the Indian side of the submarine "Sindurakshak" passing the shipyard repairs and upgrades.

"Verhoturie" — missile submarine strategic (SSBN) 667BDRM (code "Dolphin", according to NATO classification — "Delta-IV") are the backbone of Russian Navy nuclear deterrence. "Verhoturie" — the lead ship of the project — was laid on the stocks of the Northern Machine-Building Enterprise in February 1981. In December 1984, the submarine joined the Navy.

K-407 "Novomoskovsk" 667BDRM (code "Dolphin", according to NATO classification — "Delta-IV"). The ship was launched in November 1990, was the seventh and last in a series of submarines of this type. In November 2008, the "Novomoskovsk" arrived in ship repair center "Star" for the average repair and modernization. As a result, the service life will be extended for a decade — until 2021.

 "Dolphins" have a length of 167 and a width of 12 meters, displacement — about 12 thousand tons. Maximum depth — 400 m, cruising speed under water — up to 24 knots (44.5 km / h), the crew — 140 people. At 16, armed with intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Large diesel-electric submarine "Kaluga" (Project 877 "Halibut" aka "Varshavyanka", according to NATO classification — "Kilo"). The submarine was built by the CDB ME "Rubin" and entered the Navy in 1989. Total displacement of more than 3 tons. In the submerged boat is capable of speeds up to — 17 knots. Housing length — 72.6 m, width 9.9 m on a boat armed with six 533-mm torpedo tubes. Crew — 57 people.

Note that the "Star" — a multi-shipyard. Shipyard has two covered boathouses having 7 berth seats, designed for repair and construction of ships and vessels weighing up to 18 tons. 100% minus 1 share of the plant owned by the "daughter" of USC — JSC "Northern Center of Shipbuilding and Ship Repair."

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