NBC machines equipped with a BBO system Glonass

In the Eastern Military District, in the Maritime Territory, Buryatia, Baikal, the Kuril Islands, which is the training facility, the field has begun a large-scale withdrawal of troops protecting RHB units. These events involved about a thousand soldiers and about 200 units of special equipment and automotive.

Military personnel departments NBC protection in this field will work out methods of using new machines chemical and radiation reconnaissance RHM — 6. This machine is based on the BTR-80 equipped with a device remote sensing of the atmosphere. This enables the detection of aerosols and vapors of harmful and toxic substances in the area of more than 10 square meters. km. As part of this class of machines was first installed satellite navigation equipment "Glonass".

In addition, the military will also conduct training on chemical, radiological, biological prospecting areas, military equipment, special handling of weapons, aerosol screen laying, sanitized personal sostava.V during this field out all the flamethrower unit will fulfill a number of questions the use of flame-throwing systems, including heavy flamers "Pinocchio" in various forms of combat, at the final stage the conduct live-fire special tactical exercises. The field is carried out under the leadership of Colonel Andrei Volkov, head of NBC defense troops County, and it will end at the end of August.

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