Near Kazan launched a new plant for the production of industrial electronics and computer equipment

Construction of the new plant of the company «ICL KME CS" for the production of industrial electronics began in the village of Usady Laishevsky District in 2012. The whole project is divided into three queues, the production capacity of each is up to 350 thousand units per year. Total capacity — 1 million units a year.

April 9 launched the first phase of the enterprise. Investment in its creation, $ 600 million.

The new facility will assemble servers, "thin clients" for equipment, in particular, the jobs of doctors-in-One PC, the elements of secure communication systems, school, laptops.

— The appearance of the plant in the USADA will allow us to significantly expand production and to organize new jobs, — said General Director of JSC «ICL-KME CS" Victor Diachkov. — In 2013, 70 new jobs will be in production. By 2017, when the plant is fully completed, the total number of new jobs will reach 1500 (500 — in manufacturing and 1000 — in a segment of system integration and software development). We expect that the launch of the plant will allow us a few years to bring the company’s turnover to $ 1 billion. It was such a turnover of our parent company KME, when the company was the leader of the Soviet electronics industry and produces up to 40% of computer equipment of the USSR. Now the company’s turnover is 150 million dollars. 

Head «ICL KME" also stressed that the company is interested in its further development on the site in Laishevskom area, including with the use of the benefits provided to residents of the second area of the SEZ "Innopolis", whose territory is situated in the immediate vicinity of the running enterprises today.

About the company:

ICL-KME — a high-tech, fast growing company, which is among the largest IT-companies in Russia. The main activities of «ICL-KME CS": software development, consulting services, systems integration, and production of computer equipment. The company is integrated with the corporation Fujitsu (Japan).

The company consists of eight research and development centers, including industrial and commercial center, Fujitsu Global Delivery Centre, Russia (Center for Global Service), 4 offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Astrakhan, Krasnodar and over 130 authorized service centers in various cities Russia. Among the regular customers of the "ICL-KME CS" — Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tajikistan, Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tajikistan, OAO "Gazprom" and its subsidiaries. All computer equipment ICL-KME under its own brand ICL RAY is in series production company and has all the necessary certificates.

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