Near Kharkov build a logistics center, equipped with solar panels

A representative of the Swedish group "LLENTAB" in Ukraine — the company "Llentab" (Kiev) started the construction of a logistics complex in s.Podvorki Dergachyovsky region Kharkov region. The customer was Ukrainian logistics operator "Luxury Logistics". At the site erected the steel frame of the building, the interior usable height is 10 m area of storage of the goods will be 2 thousand 670 square meters

In the logistics complex with total area of 4 thousand 937 sq provides office and residential use. The delivery of quickly building includes industrial door and loading system. Volatility logistics center will provide roof mounted solar collectors and photovoltaic cells, allowing no additional cost to heat in the winter and provide air conditioning in the summer.


Help "SQ". Specialization of the Swedish group of companies "LLENTAB" — this is the design, manufacture and construction of complete steel buildings for commercial use. The company is present on the market since 2003

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