Near Ryazan opened camp for families with adopted children


September 29th, foster families received a symbolic key to the houses that were built near the village of Polyana Ryazan region.

  • family holiday in the Township of Foster Families (June 2012)
  • family holiday in the Township of Foster Families (June 2012)

This town built especially for families with adopted children. The initiator of the construction and sponsor of the charity fund "Key", providing assistance to children and vulnerable people.

The Ministry of Education of the Ryazan region to find a family who want to take part in this charity project. At this time, the city settled 10 families consisting of 20 parents and 40 children, 26 of which — the reception.

Eight built cottages are designed for permanent residence 16 families. Handed over turnkey house has been furnished and equipped with appliances. The town that is represented by only one street sunny, with laid on her lawn, paved with asphalt and pavement. There is here and spent street lighting, as well as well-maintained playground with hockey box set.


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