Nearly a million residents of Austria are on the verge of poverty

According to statistics, over 12% of the residents of Austria, or 933 million people are at risk of poverty.


"In Austria, one of the richest countries in the world, there should be a place of poverty. Poverty reflects the unequal distribution of wealth and social inequality is a consequence, "- said president of the international aid Joseph Vaydenholtser.

Financial difficulties have mostly Austrians, living alone, people from single-parent families, immigrants, the unemployed and people with higher education. The financial condition of many of them is that they can not even afford to buy new clothes.

"The presence of poor people in the country — it’s a scandalous situation in a civilized country. We need a strong welfare state ", — said Vaydenholtser.

New campaign fund international aid, "Poverty, launched in Austria" is designed to help people who find themselves in difficult financial situations, through donations and sponsorships. The campaign is primarily help the sick, the disabled children, mothers and fathers — to single and large families.

Financial assistance should be supplemented by specific proposals, such as social counseling, integration of long-term unemployed, the prevention of eviction, the homeless and care for the elderly.

Also, the program provides support in the form of counseling, assistance in social integration, job search and help the homeless and the elderly, according toOesterreich.

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