NefAZ prepared to release new models of oval platforms

The shop number 2 NEFAZ, a subsidiary of "KAMAZ" in Bashkortostan, has a new site welding and assembly platforms oval.

It is planned to produce four models of oval platform for dump 9509, 65201-84, 6520-81, 65115-91, the press service of the plant.

Terms of reference provided for the production of 13 assembly and welding booths. Before the designers of the design team was tasked with maximum uniformity devices for welding and assembly — in order to save space and reduce the cost of manufacturing of equipment. The layout of the site has fulfilled a leading engineer Maryam Yegorov. Not only versatile, but also ergonomic be a rather complicated convertible bench welding and assembly platforms three models, who designed the winner of the professional skills contest, a leading design engineer Daniel Khaibullin. There is a possibility of quick changeover of welding machines for different models. And as a result of the double winner of the design solutions professional competition Sergey Balabanov, who worked on the bench frame 9509, managed to save about 55 square meters. m of production space: one can assemble the stand-welding the two spars and frames in general. Stand welding and assembly platform base 9509 constructed a student of Russian competition KOMPAS 3D-modeling, design engineer of the third category, Vladimir Babin. Stand for reasons other platforms — the fruit of labors design engineer 2nd category Uzbekova Helena, who also performed at the stand and side board for 65115-91. In the design of other devices involved leading design engineer — team leader Rais Khayrullin and design engineer of the 1st category Lyudmila Samarin. Nowadays the development area is completed.

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