NefAZ send to Kirov party buses


NEFAZ (JSC "NefAZ", a subsidiary of JSC "KAMAZ") has won the tender for the supply of party buses for the city of Kirov.

According to the contract, "NefAZ" otprvit to Kirov 20 passenger buses city model class NefAZ-5299-10-32. One of the buses will be equipped with a special mechanism for lifting a wheelchair. In Kirov already are 47 buses NefAZ. Bid on a new batch of buses scheduled for the end of February. All buses, according to the materials of the company, in accordance with the wishes of the customer, painted in red, fitted with electronic marshrutoukazatelem. Bus class I NefAZ-5299-10-32 on the chassis KAMAZ-5297 is designed for the transportation of passengers on city routes. Number of seats in this model is 25. The total passenger capacity of the vehicle can be up to 116 people. This is the maximum number of passengers is made possible by the storage area located at the entrance NefAZ-5299-10-32. A wide central aisle in the bus allows passengers to move freely in the bus stand. Buses are equipped with engines of this model brand Cummins 6ISBe 270B, a working volume of 6700 cm3 and a rated power of 198 kW. Engine with a maximum weight of 18,000 kg bus can reach speeds of 70 km / h NefAZ-5299-10-32 is equipped with a manual transmission brand ZF 6S 1200BO.


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