NEFAZ translates to gas buses

In 2013 the plant launched a series of just three models of buses with gas engines

NEFAZ, part of the group of companiesKAMAZ, involved in a government program to transfer to public transport Russian gas fuel. NEFAZ long been involved in the creation of cars running on gas. In 2013 the plant launched a series of three new bus models with gas engines. 

The first novelty — it is a well-known city bus polunizkopolny large capacity NEFAZ-5299-30-31 with the new Mercedes-Benz engine emissions standard Euro 5 running on compressed natural gas. Two other trends are based on a fully low-floor city bus NEFAZ-52994: modification of 40-51 with a new engine Mercedes-Benz Euro 5 and modification of 40-42 with a Cummins engine with Euro-4.
Implementation in serial production of buses powered by natural gas, will certainly help NEFAZ get large orders in the near future and increase its share of the Russian market of passenger vehicles.

As is well known by 2020, half of the public transport Russia will have to switch to natural gas vehicles. Thus, NEFAZ very timely and accurately hit the promising trend: today in the Russian mass production of large buses with LPG systems is only concerned LiAZ.

Automobile experts together with the engineering company "bark" from Naberezhnye Chelny already carried out work to improve the exterior — coaches received new front and back of the mask. It is planned that the fall NEFAZ fully switch to production of restyled vehicles.

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