Nefteburservis commissioned automated complex

Plasma Cutting

Instead of cutting torch and cutting edge here as a tool used by a jet of plasma — hot ionized gas.

Among the advantages of the new installation — high speed, accuracy and quality, as well as the ability to do not only conventional, linear, but complex shaped preform.

All this will enable production management "Nefteburservis" increase the range of products, reduce processing costs of parts and as a result increase the efficiency of production.

The main activities of the production and management of oilfield drilling services "Belorusneft" — Preparation of oil country tubular goods and sucker rods, overhaul of drilling and oilfield equipment, metal processing, metal fabrication, production hoisting equipment (slings), fault detection and diagnosis of pipes, hoisting machines, vessels and tanks, repair of technical devices used at hazardous object (vessels, tanks, cisterns, tanks, containers for the transport of dangerous goods by road).

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