Nefteyugansk Promservice equipped with a satellite navigation system Omnicomm

The company "GLONASS OMNICOMM» completed the fleet manufacturer of technical equipment and medical gases, LLC "Nefteyugansk Promservice" satellite navigation system Omnicomm. As a result, use of the system, the cost of fuel for certain vehicles enterprises decreased by 20%.

The property "Nefteyugansk Promservice" There are 32 cars, most of which are involved in transport of oxygen gas produced by the company, and liquid nitrogen. Basically, the car companies ply the territory of the Khanty-Mansi and Yamal-Nenets autonomous district, but also make flights to other regions.

With the navigation system of a Omnicomm started to control the speed and movement mode path special vehicles in real time. In "Nefteyugansk Promservice" believe that the new remote monitoring capabilities for fleet will increase the security of gas transport and ensure timely delivery of goods to customers. In this case, the introduction of cost-justified only now due to lower fuel costs.

In the course of the project, in addition to the navigation system in the cockpit of some cars were set indicators of fuel Omnicomm LLD — information panels on which the driver sees the exact information about the amount of fuel in the tank and the speed of the machine. In "Nefteyugansk Promservice" note usability indicators, and the expansion of their technical capabilities suggest their use as an alternative to the regular speedometer, which are often out of order.

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