New aircraft for the presidential squadron

October 27, 2011 from the airfield of the Kazan Aircraft Production Association. SP Gorbunov the first flight of a new aircraft up special purpose Tu-214SUS (RA-64522), built under the order of the Office of the President of Russia on the documentation of "Tupolev".


The new aircraft with a "special communication hub", the presence of which is reflected in the title of Tu-214SUS — the fifth ship in the order of UDP on six special boards on the basis of passenger Tu-214.
And two days later, another new aircraft for the Arctic Ocean, "Russia" made its first flight in Ulyanovsk — the crew of the test pilot of "Tupolev" Victor minashkina raised to the sky the first of two built this year, "Aviastar" aircraft interiors Tu-204-300A (RA-64057).


The first two aircraft commissioned by the Office of the President of Russia Kazan aircraft manufacturers — aircraft transponders Tu-214SR (RA-64515 and RA-64516) — were produced by CAPO in 2008 and solemnly handed over for use in the Arctic Ocean, "Russia» 1 June 2009 . Last year, the CAPO were collected following two aircraft on order UDP — aircraft lounges with control points Tu-214PU. The first one (RA-64517) enrolled in the Arctic Ocean, "Russia" in October of 2010, and the second (RA-64520) — in January of this year.

In the near future presidential fleet squadron and supplemented by other new aircraft domestically produced.
In October Ulyanovsk "Aviastar-SP" rolled out of the production of the final assembly just two passenger airliner Tu-204-300A (RA-64057 and RA-64058). The construction of both machines was started a factory in 2009 before the conclusion of the relevant state contract (according to the website of the Federal Treasury, he was signed October 29, 2010 in the amount of 3.7 billion rubles., Ie roughly $ 62 million for aircraft, to be delivered by February 2013.) Aircraft RA-64057 first flew on October 29, and RA-64058 before the flyby was passed on October 25, the color of the Ulyanovsk enterprise "Spektr-Avia". According to the JSC "Tupolev", for the presidential squadron of Tu-204-300A ‘lounge equipped with deluxe room, which is well protected from noise, equipped with modern telephone systems and Internet access. "

In addition, within the framework of a state contract, signed May 26, 2010, Voronezh Aircraft Construction Company is the construction of two aircraft interiors from the control of IL-96-300PU (M1), who will get the registration number RA-96020 and RA-96021. The first of them is already in the final assembly shop VASO. The transfer of both the Arctic Ocean liners "Russia" should be held before March 2013, but probably in 2012, the first of them will be able to proceed to the carriage of the top leaders of the state. According to the website of the Federal Treasury, the contract is worth 10.39 billion rubles., Which corresponds to a price of one aircraft of 170 million dollars

By order of UDP Voronezh plant also is upgrading the two previously released liners IL-96-300 (RA-96014 and RA-96017), manufactured in 2004 and operated until the fall of 2008 the now defunct airline "Krasair". Since November 2008, both aircraft were stored at the airport VASO.

The fleet of the Arctic Ocean, "Russia" now includes a two-aircraft-cabin of the President and Prime Minister of the Russian Federation with the control points Il-96 and Tu-300PU 214PU, two passenger IL-96-300 and Tu-214 aircraft with two Relay Tu-214SR and IL-18D, six long-haul passenger Il-62M, with eight medium-range Tu-154 and Tu-134A (A-3), four Yak-40 aircraft and two French-salon "Falcon" 7X.

Tu-204-300A (RA-64058) on the stain in the workshop of "Spektr-Avia"


IL-96-300 (RA-96017) after painting the colors of the Arctic Ocean, "Russia"


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