New amphibians L-42M will take part in the exercises Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations

Amphibians L-42M in June to take part in the exercises Emergency Situations Ministry, said director of "Aviatech" Matthew Shchelochkov.

Will focus on the teachings of the first prototype aircraft L-42M number 01, owned by the company. Another aircraft of this type will provide to the teachings of the owner of the aircraft from Vologda.

M.Schelochkov noted that the company "Aviatech" for 2 years was able to develop, build and test the first prototype aircraft L-42M, and organize production, to build and sell 5 cars.

The interest of Russian Emergencies Ministry is due, most likely, the fact that land airfields and airstrips suitable for light aircraft in Russia about 500, while the number of inland water bodies suitable for takeoffs and landings of light amphibians, tens of thousands, according to M.Schelochkov.

The two-engine amphibian L-42M is designed for four seats. The power plant consists of two engines Rotax-912ULS rated at 100 hp Propellers — "AeroMaster."

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