April 19 between the Yenisei Industrial Company (EPC) and the NGO "Mostovik" contracts for the design and construction of the longest stretch of railway Kyzyl-Kuragino.

Omsk Research and Production Association will be a pioneer in the south of Eastern Siberia, constructing complicated plot Railway. The railway line is the total length of 402 kilometers will be the new BAM in the history of modern Russia.  

Mainline Kyzyl-Kuragino will establish a sustainable inter-regional passenger transport and transfer of goods on the Siberian region, as well as linking the giant Elegest coal deposit (Rep. Tuva) with a network of transport routes of the country.  

In the area of responsibility of "bridge-builders" — the design and construction of the 255-kilometer stretch of railway between 147 km — in siding Taygish Small — up to 402 kilometers — Kyzyl-Passenger station. In four-plus years to be done a tremendous amount of construction, excavation and tunnel works    

Currently, designers have begun to prepare working documents of the project. Full swing is a complex of additional geodetic, geological, hydrometeorological research needed to develop the documentation.   

Construction of the main line also implies the creation of the entire railway infrastructure station complexes, stations and sidings, locomotive and car facilities management, railroad towns, communication devices, power supply, construction of engineering systems and communications.  


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