New breeding complex for 200 head of cattle in the village started nevyanskite (Sverdlovsk region)

New breeding complex for 200 head of cattle running in the village near Alapaevsk nevyanskite. The complex is equipped with the latest technology in a spacious enclosure there is an automated milking, centralized supply of fodder.

As chairman of the economy "Flame" Ivan Pyrin, the new complex will provide a highly productive herd of black-and-white Holsteins. The farm hopes that the new breed will have to give large yields of milk than usual for them, "Tagilka."

Director of the company "Dairy grace" Yuri Zhukovsaid that at its plant in Kushva from this manufacturer supplied the milk of the highest quality — 80% of the premium, with an average of 30% of the exponent.

All on a new set of household "Flame" has spent 17.5 million rubles, 2 million of them gave Yuri Zhukov against future deliveries of raw milk, and the rest of the Sberbank loan amount.

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