New breeding complex opened in Kamensk-Ural (Sverdlovsk region).

The first dairy farm of "Kamenka" (part of "Ekaterinburg") loose housing of cows (ITF) was launched in 2008. Construction of the second dairy farm began in 2011. The farm is designed for 600 cows, the animals of the Black Pied dairy breed. The project cost 414 million rubles.

  • dairy farm in the process of construction (September 2012)
  • dairy farm in the process of construction (September 2012)

The project also includes the construction of the second phase, which is scheduled to launch in 2013. As a result, on the farm will be another barn for 600 head, calf shed for 600 heads, a platform for calves by 300 heads of cattle paddocks.

As part of the third stage of the dairy farm will be held for the complex improvement and commissioning of silage trenches.

The total investment of the project is 693.3 million rubles.

After the release of the 2014 second dairy farm in the 1190 forage cows loose housing at full capacity and the implementation of the planned investment program, agricultural enterprise "Kamenka" will occupy a leading position in its industry.

Feature of building to use instead of the usual metal structures made of laminated wood, to helpFirst, improving the microclimate in livestock buildings, and secondly, the degree of reduced aggressive environment in the premises, and the period of use of buildings is doubled. Thusproject cost was 30% lower compared with metal counterparts.

At Kamenka a farm equipped with modern equipment that will help reduce costs and increase production. Implemented a system of loose housing of livestock, providing for the automation of all processes — feeding, watering, milking, manure removal.

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