New breeding complex Way Ilyich (Chuvash Republic) took the first batch of young

Since 2011, in the AF "Way Ilyich" Morgaushskiy district is building multi-breeding complex for 1,008 head of milk production. Modern farm for loose housing of cattle will be fully computerized and automated. Today, all building and construction works have been completed and conducted commissioning of the equipment.

On the night of August 21 in the AF "Way Ilyich" received the first batch of highly pedigree young black-and-white breed with the Vologda Vologda Region. Total imported from APC PZ "May" 29 goals and APC PZ "Prisuhonskoe ’30 goals. Average weight of heifers — over 500 kg. Scott put in quarantine for a month and will be held all veterinary research. Livestock all the conditions according to veterinarian bill.

The leadership of the economy is scheduled to start in 2013 to have a total of 400 head of heifers. The next batch of young animals in the near future will come from Vologda and Kirov regions and the Republic of Mari El.

Launch complex is planned for the month of September. Workers of the AF "Way Ilyich" are aiming to milk an average of one cow at least 5,000 kg of milk per year.

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