New capacity. Industrial development of Ukraine in 2012

Nowadays it is fashionable to talk about the de-industrialization of Ukraine. Of course, the dominance of imports of hard not to notice, like an abandoned factory and factory buildings, at best converted into shopping centers. But perhaps we do jump to conclusions based on a child driven into the subconscious "Fordism" associated pattern of smoking pipes and flame blast furnaces to the welfare, focus on the eternal nagging pessimistic and alarmist media?

Let’s look at the past in 2012 in Ukraine in terms of creating new production and generation capacity and upgrade them.

Just note — I am sure not all listed, but somewhere Completion date was delayed due to signs of a recession. In some cases, there is no information about the number of jobs and investments.

So I’ll be glad to comments, additions and clarifications.

Metals, rolling and steel

April 26 opened a factory in Cherkassy galvanizing steel. He has no analogues in the country. There can be zinc plated 15-meter steel structures weighing up to 8 tons. So far, the factory employs 120 workers. Plan to increase their number to 200. Work here continuously in 4 shifts. Average Salary — 2 and a half thousand hryvnia…y-zavod-tsinkovaniya.html 

August 18 in the Dnipropetrovsk region Pavlograd Ukrainian-Russian-British joint venture "Antratsitovsky Pipe Plant" Slavsant "(Luhansk region). Launched the new phase of the plant, who actually produce the pipe, profile and other metal structures. The new plant was opened in an area where previously housed the plant "Pavlogradkhimmash." Investing such a project was about sixteen million hryvnia. The official state business is one hundred and sixty workers and managers [ii].…_noviy_trubniy_zavod.html 

Now, an example of historical discharge. This, of course, new electric steel plant "Interpipe Steele" in Dnepropetrovsk. It is the largest private investment project in the time of independence and the first metallurgical plant built from scratch in this country in the last 40 years. Its cost is $ 700 million. Releases to the environment should be reduced by 2.5 times, and the energy cost — twice. At the new plant will employ 700 people, with more than 70% of them — highly skilled employees with higher education.

The task of the company — to provide pipes and wheels to produce its own steel billet. According to the level of technology and environmental standards — is a new stage of development of the industry.

"The capacity of the 1 million. 320 thousand tons, but we know that he can do more. At this power plan to come out in the 1st half of next year ", — said General Director of" Interpipe "Alexander Kirichko. The plant built turnkey Italian company "Daniel".…urgicheskij-zavod-186553/ 

August 27 Brovarakh opening ceremony steel plant "Stalteh." This new modern European production, production is known in many countries of the world. Factory workers get a decent wage at a rate of 4 to 7 th…d=0CEsQ9QEwBw&dur=157 

June 1, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych took part in the opening cogeneration plant of Coca-Cola Hellenic in the Kiev region, worth 18 million evro.Zavod reduce CO2 emissions by more than 40% and increase energy efficiency by 32% compared to conventional power plants. "We are pleased to launch another project of the company, which will provide an opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 120 million tons over the next four years. This is a good result in the struggle to improve the environment as well as climate change — a global problem and no country should not be in the side ", — said Yanukovych. Thus, in the Kiev region opened one of the twenty cogeneration plants to be built before 2015 by Coca-Cola Hellenic in different countries [v].

DTEK has put into operation the first wind turbine wind farm Botievo.According to the report, the company has completed the installation of 19 wind turbines. Another 11 wind turbines will be installed before the end of October 2012. The first "green" kilowatt-hours are now on the network "Zaporozhyeoblenergo." By year end, all 30 wind turbines of the first stage, the installed capacity of 90 MW, will be launched into the United Energy System of Ukraine. It is expected that a further 110 MW of wind farm Botievo will be launched before the end of 2013. After reaching full production capacity of 200 MW, the wind farm will annually Botievo generate an average of 686 GWh of electricity (equivalent to consumption of 960,000 households). Construction Botievo WPP — one of the largest investment projects of DTEK and the first draft of the Company in the field of alternative energy. Investment in the construction of the station installed capacity of 200 MW will exceed 350 million euros. Just a wind farm "DTEK Azov" (Zaporozhye region) is planned for about 900 million euros of investment [vi].…lektrostantsiyu-foto.html 

Oct. 24 in the village Turbovo Lipovetsky region Vinnytsia region has earned a new plant for production of fuel pellets "Vin-Pellet." Power "Vin-Pellets," which will process the straw — 150 thousand tons per year [vii].
Chemical industry

September 11, opened the first in Dnepropetrovsk in Ukraine and CIS high-tech plant for waste-free recycling of used batteries (LLC "Recovery of lead" of the International Scienc
e and Industry Corporation "Vesta").
The production capacity is about 3.5 million units of used batteries per year. The cost of the project is 775 million USD, the press service of Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration. "The plant capacity will account for eco-friendly, waste-free processing to solve the problem of disposal of old batteries in the Ukraine, as well as a new modern production", — said the regional governor Alexander Vilkul. According to the principle of the closed loop at the plant will process all the components of batteries, including electrolyte, which annually into the environment in the territory of Ukraine gets more than 20 thousand tons in the course of processing the batteries will be lead, which will be used in the production of new batteries, crystal sodium sulfate for use in the manufacture of glass and polypropylene and granulated slag for use in road-building industry. According to the project will be used in the production of water only from precipitation — rain and snow. Therefore, the process water effluent into the environment in the enterprise will not be at all.
The production capacity of the plant is designed to process 40 tons of used batteries (about 3.5 million units per year) and will receive about 22 thousand tons of finished products in the form of lead and lead alloys. Now in Ukraine must be disposed of 6.5 million units of batteries. It is assumed that after the release of the complex on a designed production capacity of revenue and extra-budgetary funds (pension, social security, etc.) amount to more than 50 million USD per year [ix].
Sept. 25 at the base of "Pellet Export" in the Small whiskey Kirovograd region opened a new pellet plant. All equipment that applied in the production process, is domestically produced, manufactured in Zaporozhye. The company is fully capable to meet the needs Maloviskovskogo district to provide alternative fuel — pellets, particularly for heating of social institutions in the district, seriously competing traditional and an expensive fuels — coal and gas. Capacity of the new pellet lines can produce straw pellets up to one ton per hour, and for the year — 5,000 tons of finished product value of 4.5 million USD [x].

October 4th Company "Biochem Group" launched in Donetsk, Ukraine’s first private factory alcohol-gasoline A-98a, A-95a and A-92a. According to the press service of the company, the main investor of the project — a group of companies Olympus. The plant biochemical groups, the only one of its kind in Ukraine, operates a full production cycle of alcohol-containing gasolines A-98a, A-95a and A-92a. A gasoline containing alcohol 95a — colorless transparent material which is a mixture of ethanol, gasoline light ends, esters, special additives to provide safety of engine parts and rubber vehicle fuel [xi].

October 26 in the Kharkiv region kites open plant electrical. It will be carried shields DC power distribution panels for nuclear power stations, power plants, objects, metallurgy, coke. The plant will provide 250 jobs and admission to the district budget of about 1.5 million hryvnia per year [xii].

The food industry and processing of agricultural products

April 10 in New sow thistle (Alexander district of Kirovograd oblast) open modular dairy "Molokon" JV "Agri Yasenovsky."

In April 2012, holding "Bread investment" was put into operation a new bread factory in the village of Novo-Petrovtsy, Vyshgorodskiy district, Kiev region. The plant is designed to produce 130 tons of bread per day. The lines are equipped with equipment from leading companies such as: Diosna (Germany), Gosztola (Slovenia), Revent (Czech Republic), F & S (USA), region (Ukraine).
In the second phase of investment is planned to open shop confectionery. According to the plan of the investment, the company each year will be extended for measurements with new equipment. The total investment was $ 15 million dollars.
In the commercial network products come in both fresh and packed. Delivery of products is carried out through its proprietary machine-hlebovozok. In August 2012, was commissioned in line with the capacity of up to 5 tons per day for the production of bakery products.
The line is equipped with rotary kilns by "Revent" (Sweden), Dough equipment company "Sunrise" (Russia), proofing cabinets firms "edge" and "Akros" (Ukraine) [xiv].…ropeyskogo-kachestva.html 

May 22, 2012 the grand opening of the plant "Agusha" — Ukraine’s first specialized enterprise for the production of children’s dairy products using the latest environmental technology. Investing in a unique enterprise, located in the city of Kyiv region and cherry-owned company PepsiCo, amounted to 120 million USD.
Construction of a new fully autonomous production of baby food in Cherry became the first major investment by PepsiCo in the dairy industry of Ukraine after the acquisition of "Wimm-Bill-Dann" in 2011. Start of production in Ukraine will replace imports of dairy products a popular brand "Agusha" from Russia and strengthen its position in the breast area as a whole. Power of the new venture designed to process 50 tons of milk per day.
"Ukraine is for PepsiCo strategically important market, and the construction of a unique plant of baby food — another proof of our seriousness, — said Neil Sturrock, CEO" PepsiCo Ukraine. " — Over the past 6 years, PepsiCo has invested in Ukraine about $ 1 billion. United States, including the acquisition of companies "Sandora" and "Wimm-Bill-Dann Ukraine." Investment in new plant will enable us to increase the share of healthy products in the company’s portfolio, which corresponds to a global business strategy PepsiCo ».

Milk is delivered to the plant farm "Agroecology" located in the Poltava region, in fields which have more than 30 years are used only organic fertilizer. For the production of curds and yogurts of different flavors made from fresh fruits and berries, grown without chemical fertilizers in an ecologically clean region of Vinnytsia region. Modern Austrian technology used certified supplier of the plant — the company "Agrana Fruit Ukraine", you can save all the useful properties of natural fruits and berries during their processing.
The enterprise has created a unique engineering environment that ensures the maximum degree of purification of air and water used in the production process. The latest equipment best manufacturers — Tetra Pak (Sweden), Arcil (France) — providing the highest levels of quality and safety at all stages of the process.

Design of the plant was carried out by Tetra Pak [xv].
On June 26, in the village of Chumaky Dnepropetrovsk district of the same name has opened a new milk-production complex "Ekaterynoslavsky." The company is designed for 1.5 million and 1.8 million cows and calves will produce at full capacity of about 48 tons of milk per day.
    On June 26, in the village of Chumaky Dnepropetrovsk district of the same name has opened a new milk-production complex "Ekaterynoslavsky." The company is designed for 1.5 million and 1.8 million cows and calves will produce at full capacity of about 48 tons of milk per day.

    Milk-production complex consists of four farms for heifers and 3 farms for dairy cows. Dairy farm built on modern technologies that ensure high efficiency of the production of quality products.

    In particular, the complex provides for the settlement of the microclimate in the cowsheds with protection from severe frost and heat, free animal welfare and free access to water, automatic milking system, which is equipped with an electronic control panel of each milking point.

    To provide automated herd management using ear tags provided with an electronic chip, which allows for on-line monitoring and accounting for milk production, and to determine the physical condition of each cow, maintain records of performance and disease. Brought to the farm cows Schwyz breed derived in Switzerland. It is distributed in Europe, Asia, America and Africa. To ensure high performance in the milk yield of this breed is quite suitable climatic conditions of the Dnipropetrovsk region. Cost of the project is 80 million USD. Cost 2 thousand heifers is about 56 million USD.

    On the basis of the complex will also set up an international school of dairy farming, where they can learn and undergo training students of Dnipropetrovsk National Agrarian University.…ya-novyy-molochno-pr.html 

    In July, the Great Korovintsah Chudnovsky district of Zhytomyr region has earned a new elevator cost of 120 million USD. His company built the "Nibulon" for a short period — 80 days. Construction began on August 26 and November 15, the object is put into operation, the second day after which the elevator began operating at full capacity. Elevator complex "Nibulon" is designed for 76 thousand simultaneous storage of cereals. Its structure consists of 12 warehouses that can accommodate with 5.5 tons of grain, and 4 tanks with active ventilation — by 2.3 thousand tons. During the day, the elevator can take up to 5 tons of grain. [Ii]

    July 7, opened a new plant for the purification of seeds on the basis of "Antey", part of a group of companies "Skvortsov." Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said: "I was the second such plant open. First, last year we opened in Kiev. Practically when working at full capacity, the plant will be able to provide elite seeds about half the needs of the Crimea. That is, two of the plant and we need to shut down elite seeds of Agriculture of the Crimea ", — said Azarov [iii].

    July 13 held opening of the first modern type of Cherkassy elevator Swedish company «TORNUM» in the Company Monastyrischensky cereal company. " Now the total capacity of the new elevator is 50 thousand tons of grain. Total built 10 units of elevator. Total capital investment in new capacity is 45 million USD [iv].

    October 8, a group of companies TBFruit (town, Lviv region) has launched a plant apple concentrate capacity of 800 tons of apples a day Lipovec (Vinnytsia region). Investment in the construction of the plant totaled 9.5 million euros. Created 100 jobs. In 2013, the company intends to increase the capacity of the plant tripled. T.B.Fruit combines enterprise "Apple Gift" (includes three plants: in Khmelnitsky, Kharkov and in the Township), plant TBFruit Dwikozy (Poland), the company’s "Tank Trans Ukraine" and Tank Trans Polska, who are engaged in domestic and international transport of bulk cargo tank trucks, as well as horticultural complex of 550 hectares of apple orchards, cherry, strawberry and raspberry [v].

    August 21 at the winery ROSHEN International Corporation has opened a new confectionery plant. While on the new Vinnitsa factory employs about 250 people. It is planned to create about 900 workers mest.Na 16.4 hectares of land for less than two years, built a modern enterprise. ROSHEN amount of investment in this industrial site is approximately 600 million hryvnia. According to Poroshenko: "now, when the new plant is under construction, involved 204 workers and 46 engineers. I am confident that by the end of the year we will have to work more than a thousand people. And then — more than two thousand. "Average salary — 6000 UAH. Starting a new factory can further produce about 120,000 tons per year of sweet [vi].

    October 10 in the village of Krushinka Vasilkovskaja district commissioned Kyiv regional bakery complex (TM "Kulinichi"). Kyiv regional bakery complex "is the largest in Ukraine and one of the largest in Europe. This complex has an automated cycle of bakery products. The complex includes its own logistics center equipped with specialized vehicles for the delivery of flour, raw materials, finished bakery and confectionery production of 500 units. Now, residents and visitors will be able to feast every day hot croissants, puffs and fresh coffee. The plant is fully automated the entire production cycle. Five production lines capable of producing 250 tons per sutki.Vpervye in Ukraine at the plant technology is used for bulk storage of flour. In addition, the bakery is equipped with energy-efficient equipment. Total investment in the plant was $ 45 million at the enterprise will create 3.5 million jobs [vii].

    photo report here:

    October 24, in the village of Lotovka Shepetivka district of Khmelnitsky region was opened seed plant "Lotovka Elite". It is built specializing in agriculture corporation "Svarog West Group", and while that is the largest company of its kind in Western Ukraine.Novy plant appeared on the base built two years ago for grain dryers. Generally Lotovka is a "family nest" for several top managers of the corporation "Svarog", and the company is investing in the village sparing: for example, last year there has been discovered dairy cattle complex.

    The cost of all work — 36 million hryvnia. The company comprises a dryer actually works for cleaning, calibration and etched grains and legumes, 2 and 8 towe
    rs of the hangar for storage of seed. The productivity of the plant — 15 tons of grain per hour, while the company can store 7,000 tons of seeds [viii].

    October 24, LLC "Veleten" (Gluhovskij district of the Sumy region) commissioned a modern milking parlor. In the construction of milking, breeding complex reconstruction of the premises this year was invested 17 million USD. Overall, the complete upgrade of the livestock industry sector plans to invest about 30 million USD. New parlor — an economic leap not only for the economy, which contains 1,700 head of cattle, 750 cows, but also for the entire region. Milk here will receive without contact with air. [Ix]

    Oct. 29 in the village. Zgurovka Kyiv region opened and commissioning of specialized dairy baby food, a branch of PJSC "Yagotynsky butter" "Yagotynske for children". The new plant in Zgurovka became part of the holding "Milk Alliance", which also owns eight more powerful dairy companies throughout Ukraine. The size of investment in the project amounts to 139.5 mln. Of these, about 25 million USD. was invested in the construction and engineering services, the rest — in equipment and plant equipment [x].


    November 20, 2012 the grand opening of the first plant in Ukraine of Food Empire, manufacturer of the world famous coffee MacSoffee. The company is located in t.Zolotonosha Cherkasy region. "We have already invested in the production of 180 million hryvnia and plan in the first 4 months of next year still further invest 30 million hryvnia. In particular, we consider the ability to run a factory production line of organic coffee, "- said Cudip Nair, Managing Director of Food Empire Holding (Singapore). It is important that not only created jobs, but all the right conditions for workers. In our company employees receive decent wages — an average of about 3,600 hryvnia, which is paid on time and regularly. To and from the work of employees carries bus. Meals are also carried out by the company. Powered by 300 workers mest.Perechisleniya the pension fund is made up of 4 million hryvnia, the city and the state budget — about 10 million hryvnia. The company addresses the issue of jobs, not only at the workplace. Will be busy all the sugar mills region [xi].

    Production of building materials

    16 March Zhitomir officially opened a new production of energy-saving stoves to modern construction industry. At the production site of the former Zhytomyr concrete products plant officially launched a new modern enterprise system — a branch of "Zhytomyr Plant Insulation" LLC "OBIO", which will specialize in the production of high-quality thermal insulation and acoustic mineral wool for use in residential, public and industrial building [xii].


    In March 2012, began work new plant by "Concrete by Kowalska" in Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky, Kyiv region. Ltd. "Concrete Centre" was 6 plant, working with the brand name "Concrete by Kowalska." The production capacity of the plant — 20 000 m? concrete and mortar in the year [xiii].
    May 11 Artyomovsk (Donetsk region). Largest Swiss investor group in Ukraine "Glass Trash» (Glas Trosch) opened the modernized factory "Laynvud." The company produces windows, and also carries out processing and tempering glass, roll and silk-screen printing on glass and other surfaces. "The fact that the Swiss company has invested in the reconstruction of our Artyom plant only in 2011 is more than € 1 million, that’s it — investment in development," — said I.Titarenko, general manager of the plant. "Now the production of" Laynvud "has a full technological cycle. With the new equipment factory is capable of producing 3-3.5 million glass a day, and in the season (August-October), the volume can be increased to 6.5 million, — he said. — By the end of this year, the plant will provide 50 new jobs with an average salary of Rs 3.5 million per month. "
    In 2010, "Glass Trash" has acquired a group of companies "Evroglass" — the largest glass manufacturer in Ukraine. One of the companies of the group is located in Chisinau, and ten — in Ukraine. Besides Artemovska, enterprises are located in cities such as Kharkov, Kherson, Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev, Lviv, Odessa, Poltava, Simferopol, Krivoy Rog. They were working in 1000 Ukrainian specialists. The main part of the glass used in the production comes from its own plants in France, Germany and Poland [xiv].

    August 23 in Cherkassy earned a new "Asphalt Plant. " New modern facility is capable of producing 130 tons an hour of asphalt. This is almost four times larger than its neighbor in 1985, albeit updated. The new factory equipment — domestic [xv].

    September 6, 2012 the company "Baumit Ukraine", a subsidiary of the Austrian holding Schmid Industrieholding, opened a new plant in Ukraine producing dry construction mixtures. The factory is located in Brovary district, Kyiv region, 25 km from the capital. The design capacity is 120,000 tons per year. The plant will produce dry mixes for the interior and exterior of buildings: a mixture of complex systems for thermal insulation of facades, tile trim, and plaster for machine application. The plant is equipped with modern laboratory that will effectively and efficiently control the quality of raw materials and manufactured products. Investment in the construction of the plant "Baumit Ukraine" totaled 10 million euros. The expected payback period of the plant is 6-7 years. In the first phase, in 2013, the company plans to produce about 40 tons of finished products, the full load of the plant will be implemented until 2016. In 2014, to be commissioned production workshop pasty plaster and paint production capacity of 5,000 tons per year. The size of investment will be about 600-700 thousand euros [xvi].…-suhih-stroitelny-184949/ 

    June 8 Kvasilove Rivne region on the areas of enterprise "Rovnoselmash» Outdoor Furniture Factory LLC "Morgan Fenice". The founders — spouses McMahon, who own 96 percent of the shares of the former giant of Agricultural Engineering,

    invested in the production of furniture to 10.5 million euros. Now here are two workshops — sewing and assembly, which employs 120 workers (people Kvasilova, Zdolbunovo, Rivne and surrounding villages). Until the end of this month there are going to employ about hundred people. To develop a new

    profession help them Poles. In the first phase of the investment project for the production of upholstered furniture, in 2015 the number of employees will increase to thousands upon to produce 200,000 sofas in the year. In the second stage, American investors are going

    increase production to 500,000 sofas. Accordingly, the number of employees should also increase. The company is focused on exports (the EU, Russia), but the prospect of working on the domestic market are not excluded [xvii].

    Maxim Mikhaylenko,

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