New cars for employees of FPS Yaroslavl region., Mordovia and Adygea

The employees of the correctional inspection of the Office of the Federal Penitentiary Service of the Republic of Mordovia will now be easier to cope with their official duties — to check their "wards" they will be sitting behind the wheel of your new car LADA GRANTA. In a solemn ceremony on the parade ground of the keys to the car heads of all district units of the criminal executive inspection chief handed the FPS for the Republic of Mordovia, Major-General of the internal service OV Simchenko. 
— New vehicles are highlighted in order to create conditions for the organization of a quality performance measure of restraint in the form of house arrest, the penitentiary for convicted without isolation from society. 21 vehicles received by the target program, which is fully funded by the Russian Federal Penitentiary — said in an interview with Trend. "IM" Oleg. 

Incoming vehicles should greatly facilitate the work of employees, particularly in remote rural areas. Currently, 25 branches of the criminal executive inspection FPS Russia in the Republic of Mordovia has 4118 registered sentenced to punishments and measures of criminal law without isolation from society. For the Republic of Mordovia, this "figure" looks very impressive. 

Among the beneficiaries of employees of the correctional inspection — 674 persons sentenced to hard labor, 423 — sentenced to compulsory labor, 81 sentenced to imprisonment, 46 sentenced to deprivation of the right to occupy certain positions or engage in certain activities on probation in 2856, 38 inmates, which applied postponement sentence. Of the total number of convicts — 73 minors. 

Now and in the most remote villages will be able to get in a few minutes, the employees of the executive inspections to ensure proper control podochnyh, which means that the order and discipline among prisoners will be significantly increased, it will benefit not only the convicted person, his family, but society in general.   

Branch managers UII FPS Russia in the Republic of Adygea was handed the keys to the new company cars.  
Vehicles procured under government orders FPS Russia. Eight new cars today will go to all parts of the country. They will become a reliable tool in the work and allow employees to criminal-executive inspections often go and see their wards. Adopted penal inspections received 7 car brand Lada Granta and a "Field". Keys to the official vehicles branch managers solemnly handed the head of Russian Federal Penitentiary Service for the Republic of Adygea colonel of internal service Jury Zaev.

 It was noted that in the year to accounting of criminal executive inspection of Adygea has been more than 2.5 thousand prisoners. Among them, those sentenced to measures of criminal law in the form of deprivation of the right to occupy certain positions or engage in certain activities as the main form of punishment, mandatory and forced labor, restrictions on freedom, probation, and a delay serving his sentence. 
Improved logistics branches UII will more effectively fulfill the measure of restraint in the form of house arrest, as well as to respond to violations of the restrictions imposed by the court on the convicted to imprisonment. 
"It is especially pleased to enter the service of" iron horse "branch staff of the correctional system on the Maikop district. In the inspection has 281 registered convicted. Previously, inspectors took a lot of time and effort to ensure that timely to carry out inspections of convicted persons registered. Increased permeability of "Field" can be very useful for traveling over mountainous terrain, which contains most of settlements area. Now they will be able to get there even in bad weather, "- told in the press service of the Russian Federal Penitentiary Service for the Republic of Adygea.  



Sixteen new vehicles were employees of the executive inspections of the Yaroslavl region. 

"Lada Grants" and "Fields" will significantly increase their mobility. Convicted, which they control are not behind barbed wire, and the house and meet with each of them are in person.
Dmitry does not show his face. The fact that he was sentenced to imprisonment and wears a special bracelet, know only relatives and employees of the executive of the inspection. Meet with them in person, they should at least once a month.


"The injuries minor offense, so the punishment is not associated with deprivation of liberty," — says the head of the branch of the criminal executive inspection for Frunze district of Jan Frolov.
Such as Dmitri, in the area of one hundred twenty one people, and all registered in the criminal-executive inspections is more than five thousand prisoners. It is sentenced to suspended sentences, correctional and compulsory labor. Control their entire one hundred six employees. 
Keys to the sixteen new car "Lada Granta" and "Field" solemnly handed. Last technique received three years ago but had not for everyone, but for the last few years has increased markedly. The courts have become increasingly prescribe penalties not involving deprivation of liberty.
"Bread and salt Naturally, we do not meet. Really are not residents of the city and for evening visits. After 22 hours of juveniles should be at home," — says the head of the criminal executive inspection FPS Russia in Yaroslavl region Valentine Nekrasov.
Up to this point in the criminal executive inspection was only ten cars on the entire area. Now, one for each of twenty-four units.
This equipment, which helps to control the convict from the comfort of inspection. The new machines also went to other parts of the road. On a warm welcome inspectors did not expect, but now get to their wards it will be much easier.






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