New channel on New Rocsii

It is often said that Russia is losing the information war. And this is indeed the place to be. But only if your country of must participate in these battles? And we? After all, Russia is first of all the people, and only then state structures. Each of the citizen, every business and enterprise, even criticizing, can and should support Russia, creating more newsworthy proud of it.

Russian Travel Guide TV — the international thematic channel dedicated to travel across Russia, its cultural and geographical diversity.


TV channel consists of exclusive self-produced films about the culture and art of the multinational country, its unique nature, the Russian cities of scientific achievements. RTG TV channel was twice awarded as the best educational TV channel. Cable TV operators in Europe, Russia and CIS countries are showing great interest in RTG TV, more than 500 operators have already included in their television network.

And importantly, the channel is fully commercial. RTG TV broadcasts 24 hours a day, high-quality, exclusive content for Russian and, very importantly, English.

This is perhaps the best channel of Russia. It is a pity that there is an open, free, broadcast-line, but still, on the Internet there are a lot of material created by RTG TV. Polite enough to ask the question «rtg» silent in google.

Here are some of the films were:

Kazan Helicopter Plant: 

Irkutsk Aviation Plant: 

Irkutsk Aviation Plant: 


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