New CHETRA — ahead

In the first international exhibition of road vehicles of "rover 2012" Visit her Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of Russia Yuri Trutnev presented a new terrain vehicle CHETRA TM140. According to developers a new all-terrain vehicle withstand competition with the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial machinery because of its uniqueness and the technical and economic characteristics. A separate module of the engine compartment which has an independent heater and lighting makes the novelty convenient to maintain, because with this design his all-terrain vehicle maintenance and repair can be carried out regardless of the weather conditions. CHETRA TM140 according to the manufacturer has no analogues in the world for its patency. This all-terrain vehicle has excellent maneuverability and survivability even on soils with low bearing capacity. The machine is easy to cross rivers, wetlands, areas of permafrost. Cruising range with extra fuel tanks allows it to cover the distance without refueling to 800 kilometers, which is invaluable in the Far North.

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