New construction in Part 1 of KCR.

1.In the capital of Karachay-Cherkessia — Cherkessk soon will open a new ambulance station building.
In September this year 130 employees will receive first-aid stations at the disposal of the new building. We are talking about the old building of the city hospital on the street. International center Cherkessk. This building is about a hundred years old, for the past seven years, it was empty, but this year, specifically in the early fall, thanks to the efforts of city authorities here will be transferred to the city ambulance station. 
Now workers ambulance station Cherkessk working in close quarters and the old area of 183 square meters. m, which is several times less than the prescribed health standards and regulations. 

  • In the capital of Karachay-Cherkessia — Cherkessk soon will open a new ambulance station building

Work on the reconstruction of the building, which now house a first aid station, began in the spring. To date, done a lot of work on reconstruction and repair of the building. As acknowledged by the General Director of the contractor, LLC "M-Bars" Ruslan Magometov from the old building were only walls. It took only a month for it to break down long coat of plaster, remove the flooring, eliminate the old networks of communication. Since the beginning of renovations was removed about 600 tons of debris. 

 "Work carried out from March 20, and about 85% of the planned already been done. Complete replacement of the roof, electrical wiring, installed 40 new windows and door 51 — says Ruslan Magometov. — There is an opinion that is easier to build a new building than to invest in the old, but not in all cases … For example, in spite of his "advanced age" is a reconstructed building — very strong, with wide corridors and doorways. Stone wall thickness up to 75 cm and a ceiling height of 4.35 meters can provide a pleasant coolness in the summer, and in winter — to keep warm. Speaking of deadlines, we guarantee that in August of this year to be fully operational. "
 Inside the building is a little bit left to do: lay laminate flooring and in some places — tiles. Outside, most of all finishing works completed after the finish painting the building, entrance doors will be installed. 
 Since moving ambulance station in the new building will be solved several problems: First, the medical staff will be able to work in a more spacious, capitally renovated premises with a total area of 929 square meters. meters (that’s 20 rooms, four bathrooms and two showers). Second, the medical facility will be located in close proximity to the city hospital. Third, in the same building and the city decided to move the emergency station, which is currently huddled in unsuitable conditions in an urban health center (entrance to the emergency room will be a separate — as it should be). Now in possession of trauma is 8 spacious classrooms. Fourth, to significantly improve the situation at the intersection of Umar Aliyev — Pushkin. Residents and visitors may have noticed that today, due to the lack of parking spaces, about 85% of transport "Ambulance" is parking right on the roadway. 
Among other things, the ambulance will be equipped with new equipment corresponding to the new standards and regulations, which will provide the public with timely and quality medical care.   

2.Po behalf of the Head of Karachay-Cherkessia Rashid Temrezova in the village Elkush Malokarachaevsky municipal district is building a new odinnadtsatikilometrovy water, which will connect to an underground water intake all the houses of the village. 
This is part of the federal target program "Social development of village until 2013." The cost of this project — 10 million rubles. Work leads Republican Directorate of capital construction. 

Previously, the village water supply was carried out from a local well, but due to landslide, residents have lost their source of water. For 20 years, residents of the village Elkush experienced difficulties, and many even have to leave their homes due to lack of water supply. 
"Work carried out in difficult mountain conditions and the villagers enthusiastically take part in the construction of water supply, help builders. They are grateful to the new leadership of the republic for the long-term solution of the problem. The main purpose of the federal target program "Social development of village" — is the creation of comfortable living conditions of villagers, the people remained in the countryside, to develop the production and agriculture. Of course, when there are no conditions in rural areas, do not have basic achievements of civilization, the youth is not delayed, leaving for a better share in the city, respectively, agriculture suffers. But if we create a comfortable environment for living, the situation will change, and the village will develop, "- said the deputy head of the Directorate for Capital Construction Ahmad Chotchaev. 
Construction of a new water supply system will be completed by the end of the month. Thus, this fall Elkush villagers get clean drinking water quality.
3. In Abaza area where already made all necessary preparations, document preparation, begin work on the overhaul of roads.  

For this purpose from the Road Fund Karachay-Cherkessia republic will be allocated a total of 16 million rubles.

Prior to the onset of cold weather work will begin in five villages area. Overhaul will affect, first of all entrances to the socially important projects: in Kubin, Kara-Pago and Inzhich-Chukune. First of all, it is the road to schools, kindergartens, clinics and administrations of rural settlements.

In the village Psyzh newly asphalted road to the central district hospital and spend the capital of the device iron gutters along the street gully.

In the village Elburgan be repaired entrances to the kindergarten and the mosque.

In addition, in the village of Caro Pago planned extension of the central carriageway.

 4. The village Kurdzhinovo Urupsky district completes the reconstruction of the largest in the kindergarten "Oaklet" total ploschadyu1436 m  
 The village Kurdzhinovo Urupsky district completes the reconstruction of the largest in the kindergarten "Oaklet" total ploschadyu1436 m  

The opening of this institution is of great social importance. Shestitysyachnoe village population has experienced some difficulties due to the lack in this village kindergarten, children had to be taken to a nearby district Causeway field, which is located six kilometers from Kurdzhinovo.

  • In p. Kurdzhinovo Urupsky district completes the reconstruction of the largest in the kindergarten "Oaklet"


The problem of reconstruction of its own kindergarten was solved after the meeting of the Head of Karachay-Cherkessia Rashid Temrezova, which took place in July last year, with residents Urupsky district. The education system is the district raised the question of the reconstruction of the kindergarten "Oaklet", which has not been used for about ten years. The head of the region, having familiarized with the problem, gave the relevant instructions on the reconstruction of the kindergarten.

  • In p. Kurdzhinovo Urupsky district completes the reconstruction of the largest in the kindergarten "Oaklet"

  At today is reconstructed with the portion of the roof gut
ters, completely replaced the heating system, water supply, sewerage, replaced plumbing appliances. In addition, it has new windows and doors, floors, fully implemented finishing and painting of the interior.

Currently, kindergarten purchased furniture, manufacturing equipment, textile products.

Very soon, a new children’s garden opens its doors to young villagers Kurdzhinovo.

5.Construction of selection and seed production center will grow more seedlings grown produce to supply the neighboring regions.
A press conference by the head of the forest management of Karachay-Cherkessia republic Jamal Laypanov, which summed up the work of departments in the first half of 2012. 

He spoke about the results of the meeting the head of the Federal Forestry Agency V. Maslyakova and Head of Karachay-Cherkessia R. Temrezova, during which an agreement was signed on cooperation and decided to build the republic breeding and seed production center.

"For the realization of this unique project management of selected forest land area of 25 hectares in area Zelenchuksky, finalized construction documents for the construction of the object. Construction of the center will grow more seedlings grown produce to supply to the neighboring regions ", — said Jamal Laipanov.

Forest management KCR also worked out the allocation of 500 hectares of land for the increase of planting forest plantations. D. Laipanov also said that after the meeting the Head of the republic with the head of the Federal Forestry Agency Federal Forestry Agency in the 1st half of 2012 from the reserve fund allocated to the Office forests additional funds in the amount of 30 million rubles. on the implementation of fire prevention (roads fire-fighting purposes, garbage collection in forest plantations). Specialized Republican establishment "Forest Fire" received a license to operate in forest fire. Put into operation the newly created fire-chemical plant type III.
 "At dokomplektatsiyu Karachay-Cherkessia republic State Organization" Forest Fire "in the second half of 2012 will be allocated additional funds in the amount of 8 million rubles. grants and 20 million rubles. subventions to the federal budget, "- said the speaker.

Jamal Laipanov talked about the main directions of the department. Developed and approved by the Office of the republican target program "Development of Forestry Karachay-Cherkess Republic for 2013-2020".

 "Conducted forest protection activities. Six-month mission on reforestation of 80 hectares, of which 42.2 hectares of forest planting done completely. Held cultural care of forest plantations in the area of 202 ha, with 303 ha of the plan. In forest nurseries conducted crop on an area of 0.1 hectares. Forest plan Karachay-Cherkessia set annual maximum amount of wood in the accessible part of the forest for all types of logging in the 206 thousand cubic meters, "- said Laipanov.

In the 1st half of 2012 auctions for the right to conclude contracts of sale of forest plantations were carried out. 141 tenants presented the project of development of forests. 39 projects carried out by state examination, the rest of the forest development projects at the stage of passing the state examination. The tenants filed 29 declarations for forest use of forest land.

Jamal Laipanov spoke about the measures undertaken by the Office for the Protection and forest protection, particularly against fire.
6.In the village of Red Mound Malokarachaevsky municipal district is working on seismic repair and overhaul of school for 580 students over an area of 4 million square meters. meters. 

Funds from the national budget in the amount of 25 million rubles have been allocated on behalf of the Head of Karachay-Cherkessia, who is personally acquainted with the problem during a working visit to Malokarachaevsky area. In addition, an installation of block boiler to the school.  

 According to the head of the municipal district of Ramadan Malokarachaevsky Bairamukova, the school was closed for repairs in 2005.

 "Krasnokurganskaya high school was in disrepair. Children were taken to study in Uchkeken in Jago, creating inconvenience to the residents. Required seismic strengthening of school, in this work were involved Russian scientists. Found a new modern method of strengthening the foundation. Method expensive, but cheaper than building a new school. The initial funds were sought, the work started. Then the construction was suspended due to lack of funds. The issue was raised repeatedly at the various levels. Krasnokurgantsy even lost hope that their children ever again go to this school. Rashid Borispievich he came to school, looked, said leave to their fate object that has already invested considerable sums illogical. The villagers are grateful that at last, the long awaited facility will be completed, "- says Ramadan Bayramukov.

The works are planned for the new year.

7.Odin of major projects under construction in the area Habezsky — a new school in the village of Ali-Berdukovsky by 264 students. 

One of the major projects under construction in the area Habezsky — a new school in the village of Ali-Berdukovsky by 264 students. Prime Minister of the Republic I. Kyabishev, who initiated the construction of the school, said that the educational institution started to build in 2009 under the "South of Russia", which it is inscribed, along with the school in the 19th district of the Cherkessk. The amount of funds allocated to the school, was 135 million rubles. 

  • The head of Karachay-Cherkessia, made a working visit to the area Habezsky

Indrisa Kyabishev told the Head that the main argument necessitates the construction of a new school in Berdukovskom Ali, was that the children in the village went to two and a half shifts, and some schoolboy had to overcome two kilometers to get to school.  
A school in a. Ali Berdukovsky built in accordance with modern standards on an individual project, taking into account the number of students and the specifics of the village school. In addition to the classrooms in the building has a large auditorium and dance halls, rooms for labs, lathes, sewing and carpentry shops, a large sports hall, many outbuildings, catering department. 

  • The head of Karachay-Cherkessia, made a working visit to the area Habezsky

The head of the republic was pleased with the volume of work performed and quality. And approved the selection of a contractor who has acquired a new school furniture from local manufacturers. 
However, Rashid Temrezov outlined the range of tasks to perform which the builders and the Directorate of capital construction needs time. This is a complete finishing of all, without exception, facilities, installation of equipment in the workshops and in the nutrition unit, finishing work on the facade of the building and landscaping of the adjacent territory. Special attention is paid contractor head of the republic for the resettlement playground.
"We should not artificially adjust the opening of the school strictly to September 1. Only when the construction of the school will be absolutely complete, only then can the school open. Children should be comfortable and safe in the new school, and builders are not ashamed of the quality of the work done, "- set the task of head of the republic. The builders assured the republic, that all work will be fully completed in October. District administration and representatives of the Directorate for Capital Construction President of the Republic ordered the daily to monitor the progress of works

  • The head of Karachay-Cherkessia, made a working visit to the area Habezsky

Rashid Temrezov examined another school in Ali-Berdukovskom. The old educational building, which was built in 1956, experts have recognized dangerous from the point of view of seismic protection.

  • The head of Karachay-Cherkessia, made a working visit to the area Habezsky

For works on seismic and building repairs this year has been allocated 32 million rubles. According to the program of energy conservation in schools were set windows, the roof will be replaced. 

  • The head of Karachay-Cherkessia, made a working visit to the area Habezsky

Head of the Republic ordered the contractors working on the site, on the savings to replace the roof on nutrition unit, which is located next to the school and was not included in the original project. Expected completion date is tentatively scheduled for the end of the year.

  • The head of Karachay-Cherkessia, made a working visit to the area Habezsky

Another object that is about to open its doors for young residents Khabezsky District — Kindergarten "Sun" in the village of Jaco with 100 seats. The facility was recognized as an emergency back in 2006 because of the location in the landslide zone. Since that time the only one in the village nursery school was closed for renovation, and the kids watched relatives and drove to nearby towns. 

  • The head of Karachay-Cherkessia, made a working visit to the area Habezsky

Work on the reconstruction of the kindergarten began this year after the visit of the Head of the Republic, which identified those responsible for this object. In total, for this purpose was provided with 26 million rubles. The building was overhauled strengthened, replaced the roof, door and window openings, utilities, complete interior decoration.

  • The head of Karachay-Cherkessia, made a working visit to the area Habezsky

Head of the kindergarten showed the Head of the republic cozy playrooms and bedrooms, where there is an installation of furniture. The opening of the kindergarten is scheduled for September 1, 2012. With the commissioning of a kindergarten in the village of Jaco will be completely closed in places need to pre-school. 
An administration official Khabezsky district appealed to the Head of the Republic with a request to help with the purchase of equipment catering department. One possible solution to this problem will be found soon. 
8. In the Circassian under the federal target program "South Russia 2009 -2012 years." Is building a modern boiler capacity 16.8 MW, which will connect homes and socially important objects. 

The new boiler will provide heat 25 houses (1,732 flats) Balahonova the streets, shops, Laar, Karl Marx, Green, Civil War, Guerrilla, Caucasian and socially important facilities such as the Fire Department Emergency (Caucasian, 20), bus station "Suburban", Central market).

For the construction of the boiler house were purchased four modern boilers, gas burners, five network and boost pumps — just 22.4 million.

To date, some work has already been done: the old boiler house demolished, cast four foundations for the boiler makeup water and the Seven Network and recirculation of sediment are four boilers and three pump mounted supporting metal frame. New boiler plant is planned to start in the beginning of the heating season.



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