New details about Prometheus

VILLAGE Zarya, Moscow region, December 24. / ITAR-TASS /. Anti-aircraft missile system / AAMS / C-500 will be able to simultaneously hit 10 ballistic targets with nearly orbital velocity. This was announced by Chief of the Russian Air Force, Lieutenant-General Viktor Bondar.

He recalled that at the C-500 is assigned a number of completely new solution for this class of weapons of tasks primarily related to ensuring the defeat of both existing and future air and space attacks, including in near space.

"S-500 will provide cover specific regions, cities, industrial facilities and priority strategic objectives. System will be capable of detecting and simultaneously affect up to 10 ballistic targets flying at a speed of 7 km / s, as well as warheads hypersonic cruise missiles. in its combat capabilities of S-500 will be significantly greater standing currently in service with the S-400 "Triumph" and its rival — the American system of PAC-3 / latest version of anti-aircraft missile system "Patriot" — prim.TASS / "- said the commander in chief.

He informed that in the ADMS-500 is supposed to apply the principle of separation tasks destroy ballistic and aerodynamic purposes. "The main objective of the system — the struggle with the combat equipment of medium-range ballistic missiles and, if necessary, and intercontinental ballistic missiles in the terminal phase and, to a certain extent, in the middle section," — said General Cooper.

"By analyzing the existing scientific and technical experience and momentum to address the challenges faced by developers — continued Commander of the Air Force — we assess the prospects for the creation of the S-500 in a timely manner and in quantitative terms, the state armaments program for the period up to 2020 as a very high" . "Although in such matters no one is immune to surprises," — he added.

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