New details about the tests X-51A Waverider

New details about the tests X-51A Waverider
Flight tests of experimental unmanned mc created to fly at supersonic speeds has failed, said on Wednesday the U.S. Air Force.
Rocket X-51A Waverider was released from the B-52 bombers as planned. The flight lasted just seconds after fin rocket failed, the statement said the U.S. Air Force.
Faulty fin meant that the flight to «hypersonic» ended before the specially designed engines began their work.
«It is a pity that the difficulty with this subsystem caused the cessation of the rocket before we could start the engine,» said Charlie Brink, managing applets.
«All our data showed that we made the right conditions to start the motor and we are pinning hopes that the subsequent launch of the rocket would be the best,» he said.
Tests were run in 5 minute time of flight from the coast of Southern California is forecast to professionals airspeed was 6 times higher than the speed of sound, or more than 7,300 km (4,500 miles) per hour.
Waverider separated from the B-52 at 11:36 am local time at the point Mugu.
«But after 16 seconds of flight, the fault was detected from Fri control applets.
«Once the X-51 was separated from
B-52, after about 15 seconds, the plane was unable to maintain control over the flight of the rocket lost control, «said a representative of the Air Force.

Despite the recent troubles, Pentagon strategists lozhit great hopes that hypersonic flight will transform the U.S. into a world favorite, comparing it with the achievements of the stealth technology that emerged in the 1970s.
X-51, at eight meters in length, also achieved the speed of Mach 5 for the first test in May 2010, and the flight — which lasted a little more than 3 minutes — ended earlier than planned due to a technical problem.

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