New development to bring effective mine protection of armored vehicles

A new development of "bureau cable industry" (OKB KP) is able to provide effective armor and mine protection, particularly tanks. On the opened today in the Indian capital of the 7th international exhibition of arms "Defekspo-2012," the company demonstrates tape composite cable offered by India for mine countermeasures fleet of heavy battle tanks T-90S tanks.

As explained by the Commercial Director Kamo Abrahamian, among other wires in the ribbon cable is placed around the perimeter of the tank and connected to its on-board power supply system, special integrated RF cable. When a signal from the control system it creates an electromagnetic field around the tank, from the tank to the impact which triggered prematurely fuses anti-tank mines.

"We expect that our cable will interest the Ministry of Defence of India, chose as his Russian main battle tank T-90, and is currently considering represented here by its modernized version," — said the expert.

"Currently, consumers of our company are more than 80 percent of enterprises of the military-industrial complex of Russia. We supply them for military products quality special cables and wires, which are essential for the work of the aviation and military equipment," — he stressed.

Currently OKB KP exports to Ukrainian businesses and, in particular, concern "Antonov" for the family of aircraft grade "AN." Due to the high scientific and technical potential of the enterprise, it was decided to expand its presence in the global market, and in particular in India, which is a leading importer of Russian weapons and military equipment.

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