New Developments Ltd. MZ Tonar

LTD MH "Tonar" developed a tractor-trailer dump truck with Side Load 95.7 tons!

Same LTD MH "Tonar" developed semi-truck Thonar-95234 dropside

Tipper semi semi-circular cross-section have been used in various fields of activity as an alternative to the widely-known-bodies of rectangular cross-section. The plant started production of dump semi semi-circular cross-section of 37 cubic meters and a capacity of 45 tons, the first and second axes — lift (standard equipment). A semi-circular cross-section body with no loss of body stiffness reduces the curb weight of the vehicle (road builders increased allowable load capacity), the best convergence of the cargo body, less buildup in the corners (which prevents roll-over), increases the wear resistance of the bottom.

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