New enterprises in Russia in 2011, from June to December (according to the i-Russia)

The results of the monitoring conducted by analysts c June to December 2011,

Since June of last year, we publish monthly data on new shops and factories opened in Russia. Now, at the end of the year, it is possible to draw some conclusions of this work: over the past seven months in Russia appeared 400 new productions. In this number did not include small-scale production. It should be noted that the information we collect from open sources, so the figure is driven not exhaustive (their actual number is usually 5-10% higher). 

Announced investments in new production amounted to 520.4 billion rubles. Since there is no information on investments for 44.7% of the enterprises, the upper limit is about real investment figures of 0.8 trillion rubles (it is likely not higher, since for most of the major manufactures data is usually given).

The number of announced new jobs in new industries exceeded 26 thousand It also should be noted that the real figure may exceed 3.4 times the ad.

The range of new businesses is very wide. There are several major groups: food industry (dairy, meat and dairy farms, meat processing plants and fish canneries), enterprises of the construction industry (cement factories, panel construction, production of windows and plumbing, etc.), as well as a variety of mining companies, steel and automotive industries. Began to appear, and high-tech industries related to IT and telecommunications. It is also noteworthy high-tech production incentive program, sponsored by the corporation RUSNANO. Thanks to her, in Russia more than a dozen such enterprises.

Overall in 2011, there has been a noticeable positive trend of recovery of the industrial potential of the country. Take into account that many of the projects on creation of new capital-intensive plants last for several years, so being constructed in the country at present about a hundred of these objects with the terms starting from 2012 to 2015 complement the overall picture. We also see significant investments made this year in the transport network — new bridges and roads, as well as shipbuilding and aircraft manufacturing.

Appendix: Table with detailed data on new production opened in June-December 2011


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