New enterprises in Russia. Results for the year from the ELN Modernization

Conducted by ANO "Modernization" monitor for new businesses in Russia last year. We have summed up.


Since June of last year, we started to follow the opening of new production facilities in Russia — factories, plants, new plants, production lines and agricultural complexes. Indicators published monthly on the site, in addition, summed semi-annual and quarterly results. Finally, the circle is closed, and now we have the opportunity to see how the results look a whole year, and later also to compare the new results with the previous year.

Now you can declare the three key indicators:
1. For the year, according to our statistics, in Russia was opened — 592 new production.

2. The announced investment in them was 798.6 billion rubles.

3. On the new industries created — 34.6 thousand new jobs.

At the same time, of course, keep in mind that the monitoring of open publications fails to identify approximately 10% of the enterprises, but over time many of them "pop up" and get to our base. Therefore, the figures declared by now, a few more figures that have been reported in the corresponding period.

For many new businesses to be announced investments. Therefore, on the basis of an expert assessment may conclude that the total investment in the new production exceeded 1 trillion rubles.

Even greater accuracy — in determining the number of new jobs. It is safe to say that the real figure is higher than their 50,000.

The attached table provides statistics on new businesses by month. It can be seen that the process of opening them evenly within months — have their seasonal lows and highs. Of course, to make firm conclusions on this point, we need data for several years.


New enterprises (Results for the year)

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