New Era shipped switchgear for Pelyatkinsky field

Of the "New Era" has set for "Taimyrgas" devices LVS-0, 4 kV (KTPA-NE).

Delivery of the equipment took place in the framework of the project of development and improvement Pelyatkinsky field

LV switchboards (LVS) were performed in a double-front cabinets with drawers and Plug-in design, but also with the equipment which is permanently installed in the compartments of cabinets. Automation for the device has been built on the blocks BMRZ, one alarm input from a diesel generator. The peculiarity of this delivery was the need to update the joint technical project with the client, developed in 2005 for previous versions of such devices. The specialists of the design department of the "New Era" were made to the selection of peers and harmonization of replacement switches and other components of the device, as in 2005, they were obsolete and removed from production. As a result of this work has been received similar device design, but using modern components.

Pelyatkinskoye gas condensate field is located 300 km north-west of Norilsk, and ranked first in the region in terms of production of gas and condensate. All the gas consumed in the Norilsk industrial region and is to the needs of Norilsk.

Of the "New Era" has experience of supply of such devices for Pelyatkinsky field, this delivery — the seventh.

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